The 2009 Kitesurfing season is here.. already?

Announcements are coming in left right and centre for 2009 kitesurfing kit. Despite the fact that most of us are still enjoying the 2008 season , it seems that equipment manufacturers are stumbling over each other to be first to release 2009 kites and boards , with some of it already hitting the market. Well try not to worry too much , because the good news is , we are discounting much of our current equipment to make way for the 09 kit that will be hitting the shelves in September.

You can check out discounted kites on kitesurf warehouse’s UK Kitesurfing Shop

and the boards on Kitesurf Warehousehouse’s UK KIteboards shop

We will be posting information on the new equipment from Griffin kiteboarding , Skywalker Kiteboards, Eclipse kites and Bang Kiteboards as it is announced.

For now here is a sneak peek at eclipse kites design for the 09 Eclipse Kima

The Eclipse Kima 2009

The Eclipse Kima 2009

Best of winds


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