2009 Griffin Kiteboarding – Preview

For 2009 Monkey kites have made a few major changes. The biggest of which is some rebranding, changing from “Monkey Kites” to “Griffin kiteboarding”. Being the Uk and Ireland represenative , I have mixed views on this , but as monkey kites have built their current reputation on the “Griffin” kite , and as this is their only kite i guess most people will still be able to find them. I have done a recent check of search words which brings uk and ireland kiters to our site , and searches for the Griffin far out number searches for Monkey kites , so may be it wont be too big a thing.

Anyway.. the kites, more importantly. Those of you who are already familiar with the “Griffin” will be pleased to hear a few things. Firstly , the 09 Griffin will remain the most competatively priced kite on the market. Here is everything else that i am aware of so far :The griffin kiteboarding 2009 kite colours

The 2009 comes in 5,7,9,10.5,12,14 and 16m.

20m + 5m line setup
Balanced Bar Feel with no pulleys
Excellent Power / Depower
Easy Adjust ‘punch out’ stopper ball
Supported Leading edge for maximum wind range, depower and safety
Hybrid Style design
Triple Stitch and double reinforced seams
Reinforced valves
Single Point Inflation
Monkey DNA – traceable ID / serial number
Tunable turning speed – to suit beginner or pro levels
Tunable power settings to accommodate a switch between wake or wave style
Molded rubber wear prevention patches where bridle attaches
Strut bumpers
Leading Edge Bumpers
Lateral Strut reinforcing
Strut to LE connection cushioning
Anti Tangle Strut Ends
Kook Proof connections
High performance, aquaphobic, double coated, light weight ripstop canopy
Durable, strong Dacron LE stuts and tips

New bar features
Shorter below the bar
Push away molded safety release
Self righing orientation of chicken loop for unhooked riding
Release Molding seats in bar when riding unhooked to provide rigidity
Kook Proof connections

The One pump is optional in some countries, but for the UK and ireland batch we have ordered all kites to come with it. It can be manually removed if required though.

Check out  2009 Griffin Kitesurfing kites for more details.


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