A beginners Guide to Kitesurfing Part 2

If you haven’t yet read part 1 , now would be a good time to skip back. In this section, we have provided some resources that newbies may find useful.

As mentioned in part 1 a list of qualified instructors can be found on

http://www.ikorg.com/iko-centers-water.php  – IKO Instructors

http://www.britishkitesurfingassociation.co.uk/content/blogcategory/15/34/ – BKSA Instructors

At Kitesurf Warehouse, we strongly recommend using a qualified instructor. Kitesurfing is a dangerous sport and you need to know what to do when you get into trouble, and believe me that time will come. If you are being dragged out to sea and can’t get to your board , or the wind has picked up and is too much for you, now isn’t really the best time to try and figure out what to do. However,you will not be phased by these challenges and most others, if you have completed a recognised kitesurfing course. At the very worst if you can’t get lessons , make sure you are being taught by an experienced kitesurfer. Teaching yourself is just not an option, no matter what your previous experience is. I have witnessed experienced watermen, windsurfers and land boarders all take a beating from flying a kite.

So you have done the lessons, but need to hook up with a few kitesurfers in your local area. Kiting alone can be dangerous. The UK and Ireland kitesurfing scenes have 4 main Kitesurfing forums , where you can get the all the latest news on what’s going on. They are as up to date as you can get, and have various sections that will be useful to anyone just starting out. And the best bit is , if you can’t find the information you are looking for , just register on the forum and ask it yourself. Its all free.

The main UK forums are www.kiteboarder.co.uk and http://community.flexifoil.com/ .

For Northern Ireland kitesurfing check out www.nikiteforum.com and for Ireland check out www.kitesurfing.ie .

A valuable addition to lessons is an instructional DVD. Progession do a great range of DVD’s suitable for beginners and some more advanced ones once you start your first tricks. You can find them at this link –Progression Kitesurfing DVD


Next you are going to need to know what the wind is doing on your local beach. The most popular sites are www.xcweather.co.uk – Live wind reading for the UK and Ireland , also with a 5 day forecast and illustrative graphics.

www.windguru.cz – A great resource to get wind forecasts for almost anywhere in the world. Especially useful if you are planning a trip abroad.

Once you are up and riding you will find that there are quite a few different types and styles of kitesurfing from Wakestyle (powered wake boarding style moves) to old school freestyle ( big airs with board offs and deadmans) to wave riding surf style moves in swell.

You can check the website www.magicseaweed.com for updates on surf conditions in your area.

Finally you are gonna need some kites and a kiteboard and a few other bits and pieces. I would have to reccommend our own little uk and ireland kitesurfing shop for that. Advice is free , so even if you are not buying from us, we still love promoting our sport as safely as we can , so please feel free to ask us any question that you are not sure about.

Best of luck and we hope you enjoy the sport as much as we do.

2 Responses to “A beginners Guide to Kitesurfing Part 2”

  1. Good work, one minor comment, the link to XCWeather needs to be co.uk (not .com).

  2. many thanks for that. Updated..

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