2009 Eclipse Kites update – First Pics of the Nano & 2009 bags

Finally some finished product pictures of the Nano have been revealed. Some prelaunch testing has been taking place in Cape Hatteras and a few unofficial snaps have leaked on to the web. I can’t imagine that eclispe will be too worried , as it all helps build on the hype.

The first thing that we noticed is that the 7m and 9m have only 3 struts ( we dont know about the 12m just yet). This is not the first kite to do this , but it is in keeping with a growing trend for Grunty , stable kites. So expect to see great low end, and if the turning speed is any way decent (as Eclipse promise it will be) , the Nano will again be very reliable in lighter winds and for wave riding. The 12m should be a great choice for light wind surf , where you need a stable and light kite with good turning speeds.

Eclipse nano 2009 9m

Eclipse nano 2009 9m9m eclipse nano in action

Pulleys are used on the kite , so again this will indicate as previously thought , the kite will have a large amount of depower in the bar thow. The pulleys will likely be ronstan , as in previous years.
The kites shape is a hybrid , as it has a straight back and not the concave of a bows trailing edge, which helps to spill power as the kite tilts. Again this is a trend that many of the 09 kites released thus far have followed. Could we be seeing the begining of the end of the bow kite , as a more defined shape with angular leading edge construction and square trailing edges seem to lend it self to a more stable type of kite according to some manufacturers. How ever I am sure existing bow kite manufacturers will not agree  with this.
2 of the kite brands that we currently sell , have both previously adopted bow shapes back in 2006 but have since adapted it to give a more stable kite. The main change in shape for both and many others is the straighter trailing edge.
7m Nano underside

7m Nano underside

7m Nano in flight

7m Nano in flight

Eclipse kites have released pictures of the 2009 bag, that seems a much improved idea over the 2007/8 bags. They appear to be a little simpler , without that annoying mesh that used to always trap in the zip. All in all it looks to be a robust bag that will last a while and put up with being buried under tons of kit ( if your car is anything like mine).
It looks a tad small in some of the pictures, but Eclipse have stated that this is not the case. They claim enough space to fit your kite even when not perfectly packed down with the addition of the pump and bar internally.  Of course with the external pump and bar pockets there should be no need for this. We we do love a big bag when packing up quickly.
Eclipse Kima Bag

Eclipse Kima Bag

So all in all , everything is looking good so far. We hope to be testing the kites in November to see if they fly as good as they look.


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