2009 Griffin First real Pics

The first photos of the much anticipated 2009 Griffin Kiteboarding Kite have been released on to the web. Along with a few brief comments from one of the developers.

Heres what we have so far… (dont for get to check further back in our blog to see the first info on the 2009 Griffin).

From Griffin test pilot – Chirstian Vanderplast

A very cold rainy session with winds on bom.gov.au reading min 22knots to a max of 37 knots from the time of 2pm to 4pm 6-September-2008 when we where out. This was a good test of the 2009 Griffins top end, with depower pulled in the 9m handeled the gusty conditions smoothly and had plenty of depower when needed. From this session I can say the ridable wind range for me 86kg on a 124 board would be 15 to 38 knots. However the preferd riding windrange is probably 17 to 30 knots. The 9m was solid and stable in the gusty conditions, steering was predictable and jumping was huge.

The 9m 2009 griffin goes upwind very well in light and strong winds.

And in a seperate post after another session writing :

Hello, I was out on the 2009 9m griffin at Longreef and here are the session results.

Wind was 15 to 20 knots, waves where over head high.

I was on a 124 board, there where 2 other riders on different brand kites who I know, Rob and Gavin.

Rob was on a 9m XXXX brand kite, weight 85kg and not going upwind very well. I was on a 124 board, 86 Kilos 9m 2009 kite and had plenty of power in the 15-6 knot lulls and plenty of depower in the 20+ gusts.

Later on I wnt onto a 5ft10 surfboard when Rob could no longer go upwind, A mate Gavin was on a 12m XXXX brand holding ground while I was flying upwind and doing jumps.

Without any doubt the 9m outperformed the other kites and was a joy to ride. Over the 2008 the 9m turns smoother, has better bottom end and better jumping / pop.

Griffin 09 Reverse View

Griffin 09 Reverse View

From this view , it is evident that the struts are thinner as in previous years. Griffin kiteboarding have commented on this saying the thinner struts will have 2 positive effects. 

1.The kite will be lighter and therefore be even more stable than the previous 07 and 08 models in light and gusty conditions.   We found the previous models to handle low winds and gusty days very well, so it will be very interesting to see just how much Griffin kiteboarding have further improved this.

2. The thinner struts will also help to improve on the kite turning speed as there will be less drag due to the reduced surface area. In my experience faster turning speeds all help to create bigger jumps and extra low end , so this should be a great step forward for griffin in 09.

griffin 09 panels

griffin 09 panels

This above picture says a lot. First of all the panel lay out. In general more panels = Less material stretch , giving the kite a longer life depending of course on how they are laid out.This is simply explained because the stitching+ glueing and overlap of the panels add strength along that seam. So having seperate panels all running in different directions reduces sail cloth stretch in any dominant direction. In addition to a doubled over trailing edge, I see an extra panel has been added just in front of the trailing edge, running in the oposite direction of the panels in front. This looks like a nice touch and will certainly add even more strength along the trailing edge , and also shortens the length of the front panels making them less likely to stretch. This sort of panel layout seems very well thought out and is sure to stand the test of time. To build a kite with this sort of panel structure is not cheap and even some of the more expensive brands have resorted to straight Leading edge to trailing edge panels , so it is great to see a less expensive brand creating new layouts that will further enhance the kites shape and improve the life of the kite.

mark cloth

mark cloth

The struts and leading edge are also married to the kite by a mark cloth, and 4 x Triple stitching (or x 2+ dacron at the leading edge). Basically this is gonna help spread the load of any unwanted pulls at the struts or LE. If it is attached along just one line , all the stress hits that point. However attach it with a reinforing cloth then glue and triple stitch it along 4 lines and you have the stress spread out and increasing the chance of having your kite in one piece after getting swallowed in surf.

back line Attachment points

back line Attachment points

Power settings

Power settings

 For 2009 The Griffin kite will come with some very simple tuning options. So simple in fact , that you only need to look at the picture above to figure them out. Simple , and effective. Just how we like to see it.  Of course plenty of reinforced dacron with triple stitching twice over and load spreaders have been used at the main stress points , eliminating any chance of tearing at heavy load points. Another nice little touch although not evident from the photo , is the reinforcing dacron and spreaders all run at slightly diffent angles , again increasing strength to these areas.

Kook proof Connection

Kook proof Connection

Kook proof connection and Bridle deflectors as standard….

Removeable One pump

Removeable One pump

Another  new addition for 09 is the One pump or SPI (single point inflation ). It will be removeable if required but for the UK and Ireland batches it will come as standard, where in some countries it is an optional extra. Also noted in the leading edge is a folded over LE construction. Proven in many existing kites to be a reliable and strong way to keep the leading edge in one piece.


So thats all we have for now. All we need to do is test them. But judging by what i have seen so far , and on the previous kites, there is gonna be a lot of kite for not a lot of money.





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