997 Kiteboards For Uk and Ireland

Another new brand…. There’s a lot of them out there i know, but we think we have found a gem with the boards from 997.

We have just returned from france getting the latest on this brand. They launched in france in 2007 , and became so popular they completely sold their first production boards , by mid season of 08.

Here are a few pics of their  2008 model boards


The new line up for 2009 will be announced soon. and we will have a few pictures ready for release.

The entry level boads all feature wood core , with carbon beam layers. They will range in price starting at around £340 for the bigger entry level models and around £400 for the smaller pro board that will have a full carbon base for extra pop.

Here is a link to their 2008 Website for more information.

The 2009 Website launches in October.

They will be up one our site at www.kitesurfwarehouse.com just as soon as they are available to order.

Here are a few more pics of the 08 models , to ready you for whats coming up in 2009

Here are a few more detail pics of the 08 boards to wet your appetites.



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