S News – Griffin Kiteboarding Live interview 2009

Griffin Kiteboarding just changed its name from Monkey Kites to better rebrand its image, but as the only 100% Australian kitesurfing hardware design company and manufacturer, their goals haven’t changed since 2002 to offer riders excellent build quality, performance and value.


Designer Christian van der Plaat joins host Ryan Riccitelli live this Thursday for The Kiteboarder and ASNews.net weekly podcast interview to tell us more about his company and the new fourth generation Griffin Kite.

What changed and what didn’t? What can current users expect from the next gen kite? How does a kite company stay afloat with only one product offering? Join the podcast this Thursday for a deeper look at Griffin Kiteboarding and what makes the company tick.

• Date: Thursday, Oct 9, 2008
• Time: 6p PST (California), 8pm Central (TX), 9pm GMT (FL)
• Place:



2 Responses to “S News – Griffin Kiteboarding Live interview 2009”

  1. That’s a great news for all kitesurfers. Passionate kitesurfers have always the curious to know the trends and products. I hope you update regularly these events. All the best.


  2. If you are even remotely interested in kiteboarding you owe it to yourself to tune into these podcasts. I have found that they are the best way to keep track of everything that is happening in the kiteboarding world.

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