Banshee Bungee – First attempts

About 2 months ago while watching a video on the USA surf expo 2008 , i came across banshee bungee , formerly banshee river boards.  The sport was only been developed and launched for skim-boarders this year , but has been used in river boarding for a few years now. This is pretty much a no wind required board sport that uses a bungee chord anchored into the sea , and a skim board. Basically, you pull back the bungee using a wakeboard style handle ( 2 is best, and get a friend to help you pull) . Wait for a wave to break on the beach ,and once it gets to your board jump on and hold tight.  The banshee bungee rockets you out into the water , pretty far and once you hit a clean wave , just carve it round and surf back in. Easy…  Well, not quite , but after a little practice we where getting plenty out of it,  despite no skimboarding experience. Here are a few more amateurs giving it a go.

We where using the bungee beach package which is 1 x 20ft Bungee and 2 handles. Combined with a 10kg danforth anchor ( £20 on e-bay) and a banshee skimboard,(but any skimboard should do)

see here for details of buying the equipment 



I went out on my own onto some flat water at a beach in Millisle , Co down. There were no waves and nothing breaking , so the water edge stayed in one place which i assumed would make life easier. Upon stretching out the bungee , i stood on the skim board only to have the board stick to the sand and i went nowhere. I Moved the board into the water , and was able to get some very short runs. Even with stretching the bungee back as much as i could, the board doesnt start well from under shallow water , but i had fun getting dragged around 15-25meters at relatively slow speeds.


Attempt 2

A few days later , i hit Ballyholme beach in bangor where some small sets come in and the water has some nice flats. I also found out that skimboarding is easier if the tide is on the way out, or fully out. It was pretty dark ,but i brought a buddy who wanted to get into water sports. This time we where able to stretch the bungee further , but where not 100% sure on how much power the reccomend danforth anchor was gonna hold , so we still stretched it out quite cautiously. Having a friend hold the power while you wait for a set to come in , is much easier, and with no trouble at all we where getting small runs of 30m + but they where relatively slow and nothing like in the videos. It was late and dark after 1hr, so despite a fun evening we packed up.

Attempt 3

Back to millisle beach , but further up this time where the tide was sweeping up the beach quite well. Before the first run we set our anchor quite far out and put plenty of strain on it to check that it was gonna hold much more pull. On the first run we relly stretched the bungee back , and i had first blast. The tide came up and we released the power….. Whoosh , I reckon i did around 80-90m before hitting a smal wave , which i tried to carve up , but fell off, with a huge grin. Success at last. The next run went much the same except i travelled even further and even faster, resulting in an even bigger grin. I have kite surfed with a skim board a few times before , but the feeling here is much different , especially when you drop the bungee and are just free skimming over the water. and i even managed to poorly carve up a few small waves.

Needless to say we spent hours on the beach having a blast . The toughest thing was the skim board kept sticking to the sand when we tried to launch, but we think we know how to avoid this now as i had a bit of advice from a more experinced skim boarder.

and here is a vid of a few more experienced bungee skimboarders


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