2009 Griffin – World Speed Runs

The 2009 Griffin had its first competition outing just a few weeks ago. There has been a huge amount of hype around this kite and this was one chance for Pro Rider Sylvain Hoceini to put it to the test.

Sylvain is a top french rider , who currently is the french long distance champion , a race won on his 08 Griffins. He is also a PKRA competiror who has consistantly finished high in mens speed and race catergories.


Sylvian was a competitor in the Luderitz Speed Challenge. It was held in Namibia in October 2008 and featured the worlds top Speed sailors from wind surfing and kitesurfing. The aim  , to finally break the 50knots barrier for sailing.

Despite only being able to attend the event for a short while ,Sylvian set a new personal best over 500m at 49.79 knots , thrashing his previous official record at 40.76 . He was also one of only a small handful of riders in the world to have officially broken the 50knot barrier maxing out at 53.8knots, and is now officially the 4th fastest sailor in the world. And did we mention he did it all on a 2009 Griffin and a board desgned by the 997 board shaper Raphael Salles. Not too shabby for a kite that prides itself as being the best priced equipment on the market.

Maybe all the hype on the new griffin is warranted after all. All i know is we cannot wait to get them on the water

Take a closer look at the new 2009 Griffin kites at www.kitesurfwarehouse.com/griffinkiteboarding.html


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