2009 Kitesurfing packages and Quivers – The Best value on the Web

Just recently www.Kitesurfwarehouse.com launched our Kitesurfing packages and quiver deals.

Already we buy direct from the factory in large bulk , saving tons in Shipping costs and Middle man mark ups. Normally with any other kites brand bought within the Uk or Ireland , you can buy it for less in Europe or America. With our “worlds best price Guarantee” , we have the best prices.

And now we have introduced our Kitesurfing Packages and quivers it is even better value

We have 2 kite quiversfrom £939 delivered and they are all 2009 equipment. Thats less than what costs for one 2009 kite from many shops. And if you buy any quiver you can purchase a new 997 kiteboard for just £249.00

Also we have Kite and board deals from £789 again all the latest 2009 equipment. Normally these prices where only for last seasons kites and boards.

And if you really want the ultimate kitesurfing setup , a 3 kite squiver and Board costs just £16838. Thats 3 x 2009 kites and a 2009 997 board of your choice.

details on  http://www.kitesurfwarehouse.com/packages.html


Its all almost too good to be true , but it gets even better. All 2009 equipment is covered by our “worlds best warranty”. Meaning that on top of your standard manufacuturers warranty , we also have a 1 year warranty , that if you break it we repair it for free. And if we cant repair it , you get a new one. Simple as that.


One Response to “2009 Kitesurfing packages and Quivers – The Best value on the Web”

  1. Derek Pake Says:

    Hi guys, trying to buy a quiver package online but keep getting error messages when it comes to parting with the money 😦 Tried the published contact telephone number but the mailbox is full. I really like the price and the package and want to go for it, so how can I progress this ??



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