2009 Griffin reviews – The word is well and truely out

Well our first batch came and went. Our second is due in any day and already 1/2 gone…. We have had a play , and many of you have had a play and the reports are glowing.

Here are some reviews that we have gathered up for yo monkey kites USA forum

had a 12 sent up for testing a couple of weeks ago after seeing them down at our snow week in Sept .
I thought that this kite had come with some kind of curse because since it got here we’ve had NO WIND ( seems to be the new norm around here over the last 2 years)
Build ,yep good like everything else ,bar yep suits me

Anyway finally got to go on the water with it. I had had a bit of a play with it in the light stuff we had been having and put a slight tweak on the rear bridle (shortened it by 2 cm ) this moves the turning effect further back and gives slightly faster turns (i am a renowned tweaker ,sorry cant help myself i put this in the best guruu with great results ) We had also used all the other settings and found the setting that it comes with works best

SMOOTH SMOOTH SMOOTH is how i describe this kite and yes the claims it is a good wave kite are true .Yesterday winds were light 12-15 kts through to about 18-20 it started quite on shore and moved round to cross on so a good range of wind and angles .I have found that as wind strength and angles changed i didn’t have to make huge adjustments in my technique .The thing I really like about this kite is that you can put heaps of backline pressure so that the kite stalls and it redirects really nicely (its kind of like flying a bridled open cell foil ) there is no nasty tendency to start racing backwards and collapse .then sheet out and its away and its nice and smooth .It takes a while to find the right amount of trim for you so if your trying give this a bit of time

I am not into unhooking in the waves so can’t report on that .did a bit of jumping and it was fine in that dept .

If you want to save some serious $$ on a new kite and support an Oz brand then its worth a look 4 sure .(no thy’re not made in Oz ,if one more person asks me that i’ll ****in strangle em ,if they were made here you’d need a home loan to buy one ) I’m not sending the one I got back  


From Sea Breeze australia  Forum by MR Float


Just bought a 10.5 yesterday and was out on the water in gusty conditions (wind was blowing over Kapiti Island (in NZ) and was blowing 15 then gusting 30 frequently and the kite just took it and gave a smooth ride. Depower was awesome and I was flying in 34 knot gusts (advertised wind range 11-31 knots) and just starting to feel uncomfortable but kite flies beautifully. The kite is responsive and the bar setup is safe and has a good feel. I used to get into the situation with my last brand where the stopper ball would still move the bar past arms reach in a gust – if I let go…there’s no danger of that with this bar setup and the stopper is much more effective. Kite has quick turn speed and heaps more lift and feels really nice. I am a relatively newbee kiter and changed brands because my 10m shreaded itself last week – the price of these kites is great for the quality of kite and I need to feel safe (my last brand didn’t fly as easily as the Griffin and I didn’t trust the depower as the rope kept popping out of the cleat which was scary when a gust hit and pulled the rope clear). The kite has a huge wind range and seems to be sturdy and is just a beautifully made kite – especially for the price. I payed NZ$1300 (because the guy had ridin it once to try it out the day before or it would have been 1500 – it’s brand new) and my 14m Airush cost me nearly twice as much and secondhand 2008 10m Airush cost me 1200. It’s a nice ride and not hard to do a cost/benefit analysis on this. Every kiter I meet now has drummed in the ‘try before you buy’ message and it’s a must. Try your friends kite brands to see what feels best to you. At the moment I’ll be on Griffins if they hold up to their claim on toughness and don’t tear on me without good reason.

From Sea Breeze Australia Forum – By tuaman

There’s tons more out there  and we will keep you updated with them.


5 Responses to “2009 Griffin reviews – The word is well and truely out”

  1. I love how it flys but conservative about the durability

  2. The construction uses the same teijin fabrics, reinforced dacron and triple stitching methods found in the most expensive of kites, and tried and tested techniques to attatch the sail cloth to the struts or Leading edge, so it will hold up to any thing that you would expect the most expensive of kites to come through.

    To back this up and put our money in our big mouth, we also offer free repairs for one year on any 2009 griffin kites bought through our website… http://www.kitesurfwarehouse.com.

  3. Would love to get a demo on an 09 but Griffin’s are rare around here. Always loved the Griffin and i’m in need of a 12m low wind tool. How do the 09 compare with previous models for low end grunt. If you’ve got any demos scheduled in S. england i’m there.

    • We are over in the north west of england this weekend. But failing that , if you buy one from our site and dont like it , just send it back to us for a refund. But i am very confident you will love it.

  4. i love my griffin kite, been riding it for year since i learnt and although ive tried other kites i always love to go back on mine. Would recommend to anyone!

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