2009 Kite prices – What is going on.

There has been a lot of chatter lately in many kitesurfing communities and forums about the very high prices of 2009 kites. Many riders are getting the impression that they are being ripped off by the evil kite surfing industry. How can some thing that costs £900 in 2008 possibly rise to £1100  for the 09 version. What do i get for my extra £200+ ??? Well in truth …. nothing.. Yes… i know its a better design for 09 , and it the best kite they have made yet and its goin to make all other kites extinct… It’s the same blurb every year. Then your 09 Kite arrives and it only flies backwards….It soon emerges that the factory made a bugger up and you need a new “code green bridle ” just to make it fly and that wont be available for 6 months , by which time your kite will only be worth £2.50.

So why would anyone buy an 09 kite. It wont work properly and is worth 99% less after 3 weeks… Well in truth… among the repainted designs, some companies really are pushing things forward and this comes at a price. Many consumers will always want the shiney new model, as it promises more depower , better upwind, higher performance  etc etc etc….  And those who don’t, get the great advantage of cut price kites.   But why have the retail prices gone up soo much? Its quite simple really… The world economy is completely messed up. Kites are made in China(and some in Sri Lanka but that’s another issue). Now…because every person who works in finance in the USA has been busy trying to sell 10 bedroom palaces to tramps , their economy has collapsed and as a result so have many others around the world. Unfortunately China is still strong. So basically Chinese money is worth much more than our own. And because the kites are all made in china , and our money is now worth nothing to them , they want more of it to make kites. And when the cost price goes up so does the retail price.


Of course there are many other factors affecting things but this should give you a good idea. Inevitably things should come back as the Chinese economy suffers due to less demand in many sectors, the value of their own currency shrinks and  they stop using our bank notes to light cigars with.

So why does your 2009 kite which you have just sold your house to buy , end up being worth no more than a big mac , after just one season?  And again the answer is simple. There is just too much of last seasons stock sitting about unsold. Someone is ordering too many kites to get the lowest possible price , and when the season is over and they didnt sell half of them the excrement hits the fan. The longer old stock sits there, the less it is worth and if brands want to buy new 2009 kites they need to raise cash. And what better way than to sell off the 2008 kites at cost price or even a loss. So shops get offered cut price deals to buy the stock, and then realise its still not selling . So the 08 Kites that they bought at a cut price  get cut in price again. And you the happy punter pays a can of beans and a mars bar for a brand new kite.

So what does the future hold. Well…. the crystal ball that i received for christmas doesnt work , but i do have a pretty good idea. First of all many kite brands will fold. I don’t just mean the little guys. Many of the companies at the top who have been pissing away money in the cabarete casinos and finding lost paradise islands to photo-shoot their new chicken-loop will need to tighten their spending.  Sales are down, and costs are up. Profits are getting smaller and smaller and in many cases turing into losses.

Expect smaller numbers of 09 kites to be manufactured and when the next season is upon us , hopefully used and season old kites will be worth a little more.

Now the advertising bit…, You didn’t think that i was writing this for fun…did you…..! Well this year we redesigned and reshaped Kitesurf warehouse to go against the grain. Away with the Glossy mag adverts, goodbye team riders, good goodbye to the huge storage space we once had. Its all been down sized and stream lined to make sure we keep a strong place in our market. And with the UK currency being so weak, it has meant our prices are appearing very attractive to the overseas buyer. It is of course helped along very well by the wonderful 09 griffins that i am very pleased to say are a real step forward for 09 and not just another repainted kite. And they are one of the very very few kites that actually hold their used values…

A Very Happy new year and Good Winds to all for 2009


That’s all we have for now , but keep an eye on our kitesurrf warehouse’s kitesurfing kite shop for more news

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