The Kitesurf Directory Project

We have just launched our Kitesurfing Directory Project. It is basically a global list with links of Shops, Brands, Forums and resources aimed directly at kitesurfing. The idea is simple , we have wrote it specifically optimised for search engines to find this directory so those listed will receive a good healthy link from the site resulting in brownie points with google, and some click backs for their resource. The Project is in the very early stages and has just went online. It is open to any kitesurf website or blog that we feel will benefit readers without prejudice. There are quite a few links submitted already and we will be working through them over the weekends , and putting up the listings. In return , we ask for a link back to our shop’s website. (thats our little prize for our efforts). Some of you who may benefit from a listing on the site , may not wish to place links to our own shops website , (conflict of interest reasons) , but we are just as happy with a link to the Directory but this must come from another site. Ie , If we are linking to your shop or brand, you must use a different website or even a blog (kitesurf related) to link back to us. You cannot use the site we are linking too. The resource is not fully functional for readers yet , but we hope that it will be useful to all. Please follow this link to register.

Many thanks for your support in building this resource.


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One Response to “The Kitesurf Directory Project”

  1. I love kitesurf. It’s the best sport that I practice, but now I’m learning and I recomend this sport

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