Griffin 2009 Magazine Reviews

This blogs becoming a little bit griffin this .. griffin that. Apologies for that. We are getting so much great feed back on them this year , we can’t help post it up.

It seems this year many brands are dropping the centre strut . A design innovated by Saul Griffith , designer of the original griffin/Monkey kite way back in 2003.  Its now used by big name designers such as Bill Hanson and Momi and brands such as Airush , Flexi , North and Best to name but a small few.

Now onto those reviews. We almost knew the kite was gonna be good, before we got our hands on it. Pro rider Sylvian Hocieni broke his own personal best on its first competition outing clocking 53Knots and  a fourth overall time at the prestegious Luderitz speed challenge, and test reports where buzzing.

Having flown it and got tons of rider feedback , reports are glowing to say the least.

Now here is what the mags are saying.

Click to view the articles.



That should keep your info hunger satisfied for a while.

Tons of videos , and more on this part of our site


2 Responses to “Griffin 2009 Magazine Reviews”

  1. Nice to know theres lots of extreme fans out there

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