Blade kites 2009

Kitesurf Warehouse have just signed a deal with blade Kites for 2009. We have been testing the trigger and are utterly impressed.

Designed by respected kite desginer “Momi” (also responsibel for Eclipse and Nobile designs) and produced using only the best quality materials, the 2009 Blades look to be their very best Kites yet.

We have been testing the trigger for a couple of months but we havent got out as much as we would like due to a lack of decent wind.

All i can say so far from my own and a few others feed back, is that its a great Freeride bridle kite. Very stable through gusts ,Smooth turns and kiteloops. Seriously easy relaunch, nice bar pressure so you know where the kite is without any of that heavy bar feeling. Nice one pump system and Tough build quality. It will suit any beginner-Intermediate kiter who likes to do a bit of everything from waves to Freestyle.

The full range is due with us in april .

You can see a preview at

Blade kites 2009


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