Blade Prime 2009

The Blade 2009 product line is specifically focused to accommodate a variety of riders and riding styles. We knew it was time to include a 100% hardcore freestyle kite in the product line since the features needed to nail tricky moves are very different from those used for all around kiters and wave riders.

The most noticeable characteristic of the Prime is an uncomplicated V-Bridle system that differentiates it from the freestyle kites available today. This advanced system creates a balanced combination of features including increased power, speed, and responsiveness.

Knowing that the power of the kite is such a priority for freestyle tricks, we wanted to make sure that the Prime has smooth power throughout each maneuver. More specifically, you will notice that kiteloops are powerful right through the entire turn, maintaining constant power. After a trick, the kite waits and doesn’t move backwards out of the window – this gives you time to regroup before moving on to the next trick.

Another necessary element for freestyle riders is the comfort in knowing that in power moves, the kite remains in the same position which allows you to focus on the trick without worrying about the landing. The bar pressure was designed accordingly so that your arms won’t tire but you still always know where the kite is.

As a whole, the Prime’s advanced design includes a minimal leading edge which enhances the aerodynamic efficiency of the kite. The 5th line has been specially considered to heighten the kite’s stability so that the rider always knows what to expect from the kite.

The quick and direct turns, optimal bar pressure, and sustained power are all aspects that will help you improve your freestyle tricks. Even though we can’t master the tricks for you, with the Prime 2009 on your side, you’ll be happy with what we’ve done to help you get there.

Available Sizes:

7, 9, 11



Contstruction – coated Teijin , dacron ,Insignia tape, ronstan, Spectra etc etc – Basically All the tried and tested materials that you will see on the majority of LEI kites. They have dumped the Neoprene bumpers replaced by light weight rubber ones , in an effort to shed weight.

No unnecessary weight , yet everthing is very well constructed. Good trailing edge reinforcement , Triple Insignia tape to the Strut-Sail attachment , Folded leading edge with webbing to further reinforce it.

As per usual with all our kites , we will be offering our free one year repairs warranty , on top of the manufacturers warranty.

As many will know blade arrived in 05 , and have built up a solid reputation among those who have used their kites. We have alread recieved quite a few mails from existing blade riders looking to upgrade to the 09 kites. The Vertigo from 08 has acheived an amazing repution as one of the stand out kites from last season, hence Blade have only made a few small adjustments to further improve it.

This years design was carried out by “Momi” one of the most accredited and experienced designers in the industry with some stand out designs already under his belt for some major Kite brands.
So, for 09 Blade told Momi what they wanted, and after 8 months of work testing , tweaking and riding the new range was born. Rather than a kite that claims to do it all, Blade decided that they need 3 kites to best suit the needs of every type of kite surfer. IE each kite is tailored to a different riding style

More info and Pricing at

Blade Prime 2009


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