Blade Vertigo 2009

The Blade team was excited to get to work on the Vertigo 2009 Model. Using the Last years model as a solid foundation, they set out to maintain the impressive turning speed, extensive depower and great pop while cancelling out the slight delay in response and increasing the kites power and pull. The result is an all-round kite that can endure the demands of almost every kiter from beginner to pro. It excells in waves , but is still impressive as a freestyle or wakestyle kite.

Thanks to Blades’ expert designer, they have acheived a seamless balance in design aspects so that riders can enjoy increased response time with out losing any of the features that made the previous model Vertigo so critically acclaimed. Riders upgrading from the 08 to 09 will find it has signifigantly more power and stability. By implementing a specific leading edge size and destinctive profile, Blade minimised drag, increased turning speed and acheived a direct steering feel which is often claimed but rarely found in pulley kites.

Available Sizes 7,9,10,12,14m

Contstruction – coated Teijin , dacron ,Insignia tape, ronstan, Spectra etc etc – Basically All the tried and tested materials that you will see on the majority of LEI kites. They have dumped the Neoprene bumpers replaced by light weight rubber ones , in an effort to shed weight.

No unnecessary weight , yet everthing is very well constructed. Good trailing edge reinforcement , Triple Insignia tape to the Strut-Sail attachment , Folded leading edge with webbing to further reinforce it.

As per usual with all our kites , we will be offering our free one year repairs warranty , on top of the manufacturers warranty.

As many will know blade arrived in 05 , and have built up a solid reputation among those who have used their kites. We have alread recieved quite a few mails from existing blade riders looking to upgrade to the 09 kites. The Vertigo from 08 has acheived an amazing repution as one of the stand out kites from last season, hence Blade have only made a few small adjustments to further improve it.

This years design was carried out by “Momi” one of the most accredited and experienced designers in the industry with some stand out designs already under his belt for some major Kite brands.
So, for 09 Blade told Momi what they wanted, and after 8 months of work testing , tweaking and riding the new range was born. Rather than a kite that claims to do it all, Blade decided that they need 3 kites to best suit the needs of every type of kite surfer. IE each kite is tailored to a different riding style

More details and Prices Here
Blade Vertigo 2009

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