Griffin Kiteboarding 2010 News

We have just been informed of some details for the  forthcoming griffin kiteboarding  2010 kite.  In 2009 they had a stonker of a kite which offered some great graphics , stonking performance and incredible prices. For 2010 griffins main concern has been improving the quality as much as possible. It seems that they are very serious about playing with the big boys and seem to improvc their market share and products every year.

So for 2010 first of all we have some great looking graphics omn the proto , but these are not the final design.

Griffin 2010 kite


Noted product details so far are :

Tejin canopy cloth – lighter, less stretch and higher performance.
Simple 3 point adjustment system on the kite – adjust power / depower,
Dacron trailing edge – increased curve from strut to strut reinforced with dacron and tensioned for stealthy turning and kite loops.
Reduced paneling – cleaner look.
Easy inflate / deflate on LE with ball valves. 
Triple reinforced and widened valve seals for increased durability at all temperatures
Turning adjustments points now have pigtails for quick adjustment / change over.
Split Strut construction.
Griffin have noted some perfromance  improvements as follows :
Optimised bridle design have improved bar feel, turning and wind range.
Optimised leading edge for even more top end.
thats all i have for now but as soon as i hear more info it wil lbe on here first.

One Response to “Griffin Kiteboarding 2010 News”

  1. I have a 7, 10.5 and 14 Griffin 2010

    These kites r up there withthe best and IMO have a some additional benefits including proce and Aussie.

    I have tested the 7 in 30 to 40kn westerlies shot review excellent total control, jumping well anyone game anything would only go up but Griffen provides maximum float and control

    The 10.5 well for a 75 to 80kg kiter this is all u will need for 90% of the time if u kite where I do. There is nothing it can not do well – from waves down the line to flat water boosts.

    14m just keep it for the days when frustrution sets in meaning mostly 11 to 15 knts, it will perform like a toy with little effort. I had one day when it peaked at 15kn and did effortless jumps at 25 ft

    Just a very brief review but let me know if u want more.

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