Kite Challenge 2010

Back in late 2009 a crazy local kitesurfing dude named jason had the dumbass idea of kiting across the Irish Sea from Ireland to Scotland. He posted it up on the NI kiteforum (our local way of seeing whos up to what), and wouldn’t you know it, all us crazy kitesurfers got very very excited about the thought of endangering out lives to make the crossing.

After months and months of some very hard work , a lot of meetings , a lot of tea and a lot of stress, the “Kite Challenge Team” was born. The idea has become a reality and we have overcome many many obstacles to make the challenge possible. Over 25 volunteers have come onboards to help organise the challenge , a host of support craft , the RNLI , carrickfurgus sailing club , and many many more have all bound together so see this once crazy thought carried out to the end.


Jase  ,the project manager has headed up the organisation and has been doing a sterling job of keeping everyone in check , and its not been easy.

We are supporting 4 charities for the challenge. RNLI , Sailability , Guide Dogs and The national Society for Epilepsy. Already vast amounts have been raised thank to some hard work from the team gaining sponsorship, A great charity 80’s Rock night and some generous donations.  And right now as i type this members of our team are at the Belfast Tall Ships Event shaking buckets and giving up their time to raise more cash for charity. A great space has also been setup to raise more awareness of the event.

Of course none of this would be possible without our sponsors. Kite Challenge has received some great donations and support from Blade Kites , Ozone , Fujifilm , Animal and A massive help along by our own griffin Kiteboarding who have Donated 10 Kites that will be used in completeing the challenge. A huge thank you has to go out to every brand that has help us so far.

To find out more about kite challenge please visit the link below. And pkease dont be shy with clickin gon the charities link to donate some of your hard earned money.


One Response to “Kite Challenge 2010”

  1. Man this guys nuts and i hope he’s doe’s it, and also doing it for a good cause respect…

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