Blade Kites 2010

brochure 201004 copyKitesurf Warehouse has just finished our first seaon with blade Kites and have been very very impressed. We have had many e-mails from very happy customers ,schools and magazines all of whom have been very impressed with just how good these kites are in both build and performance.They have come a long way since launch 5 years ago.

I believe that Gary Powell from Northwest Kitesurfing school who has recently changed over to Blade primes has since racked up a 2nd place At Blackpool BKSA and 1st place at a Bridlington comp in his catergory , come of his best results yet. A big congrats.

Blade young hotshot, Yotam Levy entered his first KPWT event in Shippagan, Canada and
placed 4th in the Kiteloop category. The Blade team around the world is
rooting for him in the next events.


So for 2010 , whats changed.  I really liked what blade had done for 2009 , and to be honest i wasn’t expecting anything to big in the way of change. I couldnt have been more wrong. the whole range has been completely redesigned to take advantage of the very latest innovations. Heres a recap.

The Trigger was an unbelievable success in 2009, and with the changes we have
developed for 2010, we are sure it will surpass even our expectations. Mainly,
the 2010 model is quicker in the turn and depowers much more.

The Vertigo has been revamped completely and, with these changes, we expect
to turn many more into extreme Vertigo enthusiasts this season. The leading
features are the tight turns, crazy depower, 4 Line setup, and a significantly
increased low end.

The Prime for 2009 was a remarkable freestyle kite but was aimed for a much
smaller audience. The 2010 was changed completely and is now intended for
those riders who have been in the sport for a few years and, while they aren’t going pro, they are looking for something to make kiting extreme again.


Full details , tech info and more pics at


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