Blade 2010 Kites reviews – Prime – UK

The first batch of 2010 blade has come in and quite a few have went out. We only could get the Blade prime in 9 & 11m and the Blade trigger in 9,10 & 12m for the first order. We have sent a few out to customers who preordered and some to Magazines for demo. The feed back so far has been fantastic to say the least. Here’s a few snippits.

Darren, I just had the best session of my life! so sickkk! πŸ™‚ Those kites are awesome! exactly the sort of kite that i was looking for!!!! so stoaked. They megaloop so well ! . awesome unhooked!

I can confirm the new Prime is an excellent bit of kit as I got to play with Grant’s kites yesterday as well. The wind was too on/off for a full review, but what I did notice is stability and really well behaved unhooked, and the 9m loops super fast with enough wang to lift you and climbs afterwards even in light winds. They look like an elongated hi-aspect Delta C with a minimal bridle and are aggressive but still user friendly with a load of depower on tap and the relaunch is very good. Can’t wait to try them again in better winds and this Kite is very high on my list of must have kites as performance wise they surpassed anything I have flown this year. laters John

2010 Blade Prime Review! First of all I have just gotten sponsorship from Blade this year and i was really looking forward to riding their gear this year πŸ˜€ I also need to get some better wind to really put these kites through their paces but my first impressions are really really good as I have came from 2008 and 2009 Slingshot Fuels which are great freestyle kites and I thought it was going to take a lot to get me off them – but the 2010 Blade Primes have done this!! πŸ˜€ First impressions – they have super build quality, triple stitched lots of reinforcement in the right places and a very neat one-pump system that inflated the kite easily. First thing I noticed when I put the kite up was how it felt and flew like a regular C shape kite, the stability was awesome! Unhooking with this kite was perfect, just sat in the window at the correct position and behaved with good stability and constant power. Kiteloops surprised me, I was expecting more of a quick pivot round and back up above your head, but it seemed to do a full loop and climb back above your head without any problems. The one thing that I loved about kiteloops with this kite was the constant pull through the loop, which is what all riders want. I had 3 other people try this kite with me and all their views came to the same conclusion, one of which was so stoked with them that he going to purchase a full quiver of the 2010 primes! πŸ˜€ I think Blade has really nailed it with the 2010 prime and a lot of people will be surprised by them – especially that 9m loop! Such good kites, i definatly found the perfect kite for me! πŸ™‚ Grant Clayton Blade 2010

Blade Prime 2010

Blade Prime 2010

Β I was very pleased to hear john (who has demoed loads of 2010 kit to find his holy grail kite, comment that the Prime had the best performance from any 2010 kit he has tried yet. So if you are thinking of a new toy , quite simply book a demo. Everyone who has tried them has loved the 2010’s so far. And did i mention our unbeatable warranty ( you break & we fix for 1 year) and that you can buy 2 for the price of some 2010 kites. Details are on our website at

Blade kites uk


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