2010 Blade trigger

I finally got to test the new trigger. Bear in mind I sell them for UK and ireland , so i feel a review would be slightly biased.

At first i was horrified to hear that they had changed the trigger design to 3 struts instead of 5 , and had made some big profile changes.I have always thought if it aint broke dont fix it and the trigger was a fantastic all rounder for beginner and intermediate kiters in 2009. We got great feedback from all riders and testers. It did exactly what the blade product blurb said it would.

Ive had a test now (eventually ) and am very impressed and think that again that blade have delivered on their product aims.

Have a read of the marketing blurb and if it sounds like the sort of kite you are after just drop me a mail and i will arrange a demo kite for you.

blade trigger 2010 kite

ride everything

From its debut in 2009, the Trigger has been recognized for its Pump-and-Go style, delivering a perfect balance of power and control with minimal effort and bar movement. For 2010, the Trigger is designed to provide more depower, and the larger sized kites have been developed to deliver quicker turns. Keeping its great all around qualities, the result is a best of breed freeride kite.

All around kiters will love this kite for the simplicity of one kite that does it all and does it well – great pop,incredible stability, tremendous low wind ability, and effortless relaunch. When you’re riding waves, you will appreciate the Triggers quick, direct turns. With the 2010 Trigger, you’ll get the most of windy days by riding in most conditions, while other riders will find themselves ending sessions early.

The Blade 2010 Trigger is such a competent kite that its all around ability can be enjoyed by new riders, while it’s sophisticated characteristics deliver a seriously good ride for even the most skilled kiters.

• Direct turns

• Tremendous low end wind abilities

• Incredibly stable

• Power-up from the start

• Great pop

• Blades Reflex Relaunch System

blade 2010 kite technology
educate yourself

Blade’s 2010 kite line begins with the combined knowledge and experience of years of kite design and
technology, but the real development is on the beach, at our design headquarters and around the world
where hundreds of prototypes are tested every year, every day. While we can’t fit a year’s worth of R&D
here, we can share a few of the techniques that contribute to the impressive ride characteristics of the
2010 Trigger, Vertigo, and Prime.

Reflex Relaunch

The name of this exciting new development in kiting technology says it all. The innovative kite shape,
forces the tips of the kite out of the water, so there is virtually no work to be done by the rider to get the
kite back up in the air. Found in both the Trigger and the Vertigo, the Reflex Relaunch system activates an
instinctive response in the kite to relaunch the second it hits the water.
Three Struts
A well tested design principle of bridled kites is that when the bar is pulled, the force of the pull continues
effectively through the canopy until hitting a strut, at which point the force is weakened. The strut placement
in a three strut kite design allows the force to affect a larger portion of the kite than a five strut design
– resulting in faster turns, a more direct feel, and enhanced relaunch abilities.
For mid or low aspect ratio kites, the performance benefits inherent in a three strut kite have always been
recognized, but their inefficiency in maintaining kite shape made them undesirable. Blade has been
working to innovate the three strut design, and after three years of development we are very excited with
the performance we have achieved. For 2010, the Trigger and Vertigo are developed using three strut
designs which maintain the shape of the kite. Combined with other design techniques, the new three
strut design provides low and mid aspect ratio kites with improved Reflex Relaunch, a more direct feel,
and faster turns.
We use the best material available on the market with uncompromising construction. Blade kites are developed
to reach the ideal balance between heavy duty build quality and lightweight efficient
performance. Finding that balance comes from knowledge, experience and endless long term product
testing. Keeping high end performance in mind, we build our kites to last – they can take the hardest hits
to keep you in the water and out of the repair shop.

• MAD2 – The Blade designed valve pieces are 100% foolproof and will have you pumped and
ready to go in minutes.
• Tough Guard – The durable leading edge is doubly reinforced with additional webbing and
double layered insignia tape to protect the stitching preventing LE blowouts.
• Reinforced Trailing Edge – Double Teijin Ripstop material protects the delicate areas of the
kite for increased durability.
• Leading Edge Protectors – The redesigned double layered protectors are more aerodynamic
while still providing the same great protection.
• Front Defense – Insignia tape borders the LE and other critical areas to protect your kite
against collisions and abrasive outdoor elements.
• Z Cubed Stitch – An innovative stitching procedure that provides three layers of stitching
above the Insignia Tape and serves as triple protection in the critical connection of the canopy to the
• Kevlar Guard – An innovative shield used to protect the end of the struts and LE, especially
in case of impact of friction with hard surfaces.
Isolated Bridle System (IBS)

The Isolated Bridle System (IBS) found in the Blade 2010 kite line, separates the back lines from the front
lines and efficiently distributes forces along the length of the leading edge. This highly efficient design is
kept simple and fast, providing the rider with a very direct feeling, typical of a C Kite.
In 2010 we’ve refined the IBS by designing bridal connections almost to the center of the kite. This new
system enhances more leverage in the angle of attack resulting in substantially increased depower of the

Turning Axis

Turning is one of the key performance characteristics which differentiate each of our kites. Being directly
connected with the kite’s power characteristics, turn handling is ultimately the reason why each kite fits
certain types of riders and riding styles. For experienced riders looking to reach their potential, we firmly
believe it is irrelevant to think in the “one kite fits all” philosophy.
The Prime’s turn axis is designed all the way at the tip of the kite, which generates a maximum power
turn and doesn’t release any power throughout the movement. This is ideal for stable full power freestyle
maneuvers and those looking for an extreme ride.
The Vertigo’s low aspect ratio and central turning axis allows it to perform tight pivot turns which can release
power as needed. This is one of the key reasons why it is considered one of the most well mannered
wave riding kites.
The Trigger’s turn axis is positioned in between the two, giving a mid-pivot turn that is a balanced blend of
both characteristics. This is ideal for those who want a kite that can do it all with a great all around ride.
Always looking for ways to increase power without sacrificing the usable performance of the kite, the
2010 kite line is stronger than ever before. In addition to each kite employing a different turning axis, the
kites are designed with unique profiles, each delivering specific performance traits complementing the
kite’s other design characteristics.
Normally, designers do not use the strongest profiles available because they have to allow the kite adequate
depower abilities. With the refined IBS feature of this year’s kite line providing plenty of depower,
we were able to employ significantly stronger profiles in all the kites across the line. The 2010 Blades
harness even more controllable power than our previous designs, now it’s in your hands to take it to the
next level.

You can check it out on

Blade Trigger 2010


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