2010 Mystic Kite Now in Stock

Some of our New Mystic Products have begun to trickle in.

This year we are stocking :

Mystic Len10 Warrior II – Mystics top of the range waist harness , lighter and tougher than the regular 2010 warrior.

Mystic Spike Harness – Medium range waist harness , with the click spreader bar and Decent back support.

Mystic Aviator – Mystics entry level seat harness. Its an impressive little piece of kit , considering its entry level.

Mystic board bags- We have the new improved Ammo box , the gear box and Double board bags.

In wetuits i am only stocking the Mystic Precious  5/3. Its their top of the range suit , with front entry (so no back zip) , thermal layering, taped seams, incredibly flexible , very strong, bent joints, waterproof key pocket/bag, water flushing ankles… etc..etc… . I have my own wetsuit brand (so I know a thing or 2 about suits) and have looked into manufacturing high end suits, but to be honest , the tech in the Mystic suits is phenominal to say the least and they are extremely well priced considering.

lastly for impact vests we have the D30 mystic Impact Vest. If you watch dragons den , you will have seen that chap selling the D30 material which is flexible rubbery stuff (not the technical term) that goes temporarily rigid on impact. They were using it for laptop cases and Phone cases. It turns out its also superb for an impact vest as it gives you more flexibility on the water , then goes hard on any impact. Fantastic stuff really.

there will also be Boarsd socks , Footstraps , Harness knives coming soon. Im still updating the website with information and products.

Lots more pics and info visit http://www.Mysticboarding.com.

Not everything is in stock just yet and if you pre-ordered anything , I will be in touch as soon as your order arrives.

As per usual , much of this stuff can sell out in certian sizes mid season,b oth from our own stock and from the Mystic Stock so if you have your eye on something , let me know and i can hold it to the side for you for a while.

As we dont stock the full mystic range , (its just far too big for me to handle) , but if you do see anything you want from http://www.mysticboarding.com , just get in touch and i will order it up for you.

Now bring on the wind… its been cack lately….


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