2011 Naish Bolt

The Naish Bolt is versatile, stable and predictable. The Bolt is for riders who are looking for an all-around kite, with superior stability.

The Bolt is built on the Naish Sigma foundation, to provide stability, fast turning and solid bar feel. Featuring the new Evolutive Profile, the Bolt is power-oriented in the large sizes and control-focused in the smaller sizes.


Naish Bolt

The Geo-Tech construction maintains the designed shape even in the gustiest of conditions — ensuring a long-lasting kite.

The Bolt is for riders who demand performance over the broadest of conditions. It incorporates the newest design DNA for incredible stability, direct bar feel, fast turning and easy jumping.

The new simplified bridles provide direct and light bar feel, and the degree of Naish Sigma angle has been increased to improve turning characteristics and linear bar feel.

Designed for beginner through to advanced riders seeking a stable, easy-handling kite. The Naish Bolt now boasts an even larger sweet spot, ideal pull through the turns, and enhanced smoothness.

Beginners will enjoy the smooth and responsive steering, light bar pressure, and depower capability. Advanced riders will appreciate the balanced feel hooked-in or unhooked. The easy re-launch will help beginner to advanced rider get back up and going in a moment.

For 2011 “Geo-Tech Generated C-Shape” and simplified bridles provide a more direct bar feel. The amount of Naish Sigma has been increased to improve turning characteristics and linear bar feel.

Naish’s new Sigma design concepts and Geo-Tech construction define the natural evolution of using new technologies to adapt to the ever-changing performance requirements of modern kites.

Visually striking while providing amazing canopy tension, these kites have unmatched stability and wind range, precise handling, light and linear bar pressure, and unbelievably easy water re-launch capabilities. One glimpse, one ride, and you will never look at Kiteboarding the same again.

The Naish Bolt uses two new patented design features: Sigma Outline and Geotech. Both increase performance at different levels, and their combination creates an amazing step forward in kite performance.

Now, more than ever, the sport of kiteboarding has been simplified with the smooth and predictable All-Terrain performance of the new Naish Bolt.

Naish Sigma Outline >

The Naish Sigma shape improves the kite performance at every level. The Sigma Outline is an advanced engineering design that increases the efficiency of our kites.

The Naish Sigma Outline is a radically re-shaped leading edge that moves a large portion of the centre canopy behind the tow point. The result is a perfectly balanced kite that delivers significant performance improvements in the areas of overall stability, bar pressure and feel, turning, and relaunch

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