2012 Blade Prime Kitesurfing Kite

Well what can we say apart from it is fantastic. 🙂

Everyone feared that any changes would ruin it but Blade proved us wrong. The small tweaks made what was great even greater and anything that may have been considered less good is now also great.

blade prime

Building on what was already a rock solid construction, the 2012 Prime is now even more rock solid.

A few well placed bumpers on the leading edge as well as even more durable materials in its construction makes this years Prime an absolute tank.

Its lightweight, fast turning, solid power, easy to control and many, many, many more great things. One can say its the 2012 must have kite.

The graphics in the 2011 range in my opinion ruled but the 2012 Blade Prime are just fantastic.

So far there is some great feedback from riders and from what we have managed to test it i am we are even more stoked than last year.

Super sessions on this kite allow us to give it a 10 out of 10 rating.

Hope everyone can agree with us on this occasion because i find it hard not to.

Here is some more snaps of some rider action.


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