2012 Blade Trigger Kitesurfing Kite

Another great year for the Blade Trigger.

It is now even more versatile than ever. If you liked it before, you’re going to love it now.

blade trigger kite

Blade have added the extra notch in the 2012 Trigger’s belt to allow it to be converted in to a wave kite. a bridle setting on the leading edge converts the kite to wave mode.

blade trigger build quality

We haven’t personally tried this mode but we have been told by those who have that it is very nice.

Just like its sibling the Prime, the Trigger received some revision, both in the construction and performance. Fine turning to all the sizes has increased further its performance while the construction became even more perfect than before.

Rock solid construction to suit all levels and methods of riding. You like to cruise, so does the Trigger, you like to speed kite, so does the Trigger, you like to surf, so does the Trigger, you like to boost, well guess what, so does the Trigger. In terms of versatility you can not go wrong with this kite, as they say, It’s a jack of all trades but in this case it’s also a master of all.

Check out our Blade Trigger webpage for all the info, details and prices.

The graphics also got a nice do over. Crisp and cool is what i would say; very cool.

 All round feedback so far has been amazing a definite 10 out of 10 for this one.

I’m sure you can all give us some of your own feedback when you get riding it.

Enjoy some snaps of the kite in action.


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