Blade 2012 Kitesurfing Kite Range

It’s finally here. We can happily say that the Blade 2012 Range is in our store as of Monday the 14th .

The Kites look amazing and the performance is even better than last year.  I thought that this would be hard since 2011 gear was so nice but yes, Blade did it again, they managed to up the game even further and produce even better Kites for the 2012 season.

Unfortunately we have lost the Vertigo but to be frank with the new Prime and Trigger more than make up for its absence.

The rider feedback so far is fantastic and our tests have not disappointed. Super stoked 🙂 

blade trigger 2012                

blade prime 2012

All the info, details and prices can be found @ Blade 2012 Kite Range

This year is going to be a screamer for Blade. Good gear at very good prices that looks great. What a combo 🙂

Check out our website for further info on these and many other products. Kitesurf Warehouse


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