Our Kitesurfing Kites 2013 Range

So 2013 kitesurfing kite ranges are already here as you all know!

Yes, some of you may be saying ‘seriously! already?!?’

Yep, it is here and we are loving it. Kitesurfing is looking better than ever.

So much new cool stuff. Some nice improvements and changes and some new additions to our shop!

This year Kitesurf Warehouse is working with brands like Blade  :  Naish  :  Liquid Force  :  CrazyFly

All the information, specification, images and even prices can be found on our Kitesurfing Kites page.

It sure looks like this could be the year for kitesurfing!

It is great to see it being placed in to the Olympic event portfolio so come be a part of the fun if you are not already!

Don’t forget! Kitesurf Warehouse is the home for everything kitesurfing, we do it all, from Kites to Harnesses, T-Shirts to Kite Packages, we have everything you need.

We are a bunch of helpful folk so if you need help we are always here even if it is just a question.

Hope to hear from you all soon!

Safe and Happy Kitesurfing

KSW Team


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