Blade Kiteboarding 2013 Kitesurfing Kite Range

Blade Kiteboarding Kitesurfing Kite Range

2013 Is going to be an outstanding year for Blade …

Building on previous years Blade has pushed there products to an even higher level.
These kites are truly ‘sick’, the performance offered is off the charts, quality is up there with any brand and they look fantastic!

We are very proud to be a part of this ever growing family that is Blade.
Blade like to innovate and push the boundaries every time!  We have probably all seen the fantastic review that they got last year and based on what we have seen and experienced so far we will be getting more this year since the kit has evolved in the rite direction.

2013 brings some new shapes to the kites with some redesigning of wing tips and overall kite geometry.  Materials and construction techniques where pushed once again and Blade are proud to say the use only the best in there kites.

The kites like every past year receive a new look and this year it is ‘HOT’
Very crisp and geometrical shapes that look very nice.
Have a look at some images bellow …

You can check out all the technical specifications and further details on out Blade Kites page.

Hope you all get to try the gear soon and don’t hesitate to ask us any questions.

KSW Team


One Response to “Blade Kiteboarding 2013 Kitesurfing Kite Range”

  1. hiii i like the pics that you shared with networking community.kitesurfing is an amazing water sport.

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