Blade Kiteboarding 2014

So the 2014 Blade Kites are here and with it some really cool new changes.

We aren’t going to hide it that we where both surprised and saddened to see the Blade Prime not be part of the line-up this season.  A great kite for all the Freestyle/Wakestyle heads of the kite world.

Some good times where had on those kites.  We hope to see them back sometime soon.

Now for all the great positive and exciting things …

Lets all welcome the new member of the Blade Kiteboarding family, the Blade Mist.

Born to fill the gap between the all mighty Trigger and the amazing Prime.

2014 Blade Mist

It fits somewhere in between them in terms of target riding style.  Its the next step forward from the Trigger for those seeking the freestyle experience but not as performance driven as the Prime.

Lets just call it a more ‘user friendly’ freestyle kite for lack of a better term 🙂

Now, when we call it more ‘user friendly’ let not get confused with a bland not thrills kite! This the Blade Mist is not.  The kite is an action packed C Kite has some serious grunt to propel you to new heights and help take your riding to new levels.  At the essence of the design are the Sharp Contoured Wing-tips which effectively minimize the bridle system, making the kite very reactive to user input, but highly stable and forgiving to unwanted forces. 

Another great  combo feature for Freestyle and Wakestyle riders alike is the ability to give explosive pop, but also continuous pull throughout the trick. This helps with stabilizing yourself throughout the trick and more importantly to offer a controlled and smooth landing.

We rode the pre production version in early September and even though we didn’t get to test it to its full ability due to very low wind we got a good preview of its capability’s and it was very impressive. Great continuous pull during the loop, little to no back-stalling even when landing hard and forward from the kite, nice forgiving float for those crazy high boosts, all round a very nice experience. The KSW team would certainly recommend a trial of this fine specimen …

No introductions needed for our next member of the Blade Kiteboarding family!  The Blade Trigger is back for another season, currently in its 6th consecutive year and getting better as it goes along! The 6th generation is not going to disappoint.


The 2014 Blade Trigger like the 5th generation continues to offer the variable riding setting between normal and wave riding only this year we have seen a revision of the LE shape so as to make it even more relaunch friendly in the surf and also bring it closer to what we call a Delta shaped kite.

This in itself will give each size a small increase of wind range.  The 6th generation Trigger see the introduction of a much wanted size in the range (8m) as well as the fine tuning of each individual size according to its needs.  Blade meticulously craft each size so as to make them all perfect.

We at KSW managed to get out hands on a beautiful 9m from a pre production run and had a few hours of play time in both surf and flats!  It was superb, the kite is fantastic to fly, super responsive, forgiving when it has to, great float when boosting and very nice to unhook on either in surf or normal setting.  Its a very good kite for riding level beginner rite up to professional.  Zero to Hero as many say and its no word of a lie!

The Trigger is once again packed with all the quality characteristics it is known for.  Big air boosting, amazing wave performance and skill building attributes make this all around kite an optimal choice for energetic and lively riders.  At the core of the design is super quick turning and efficient power delivery, making the Trigger a truly user friendly kite. 

With a unique profile shape and complex LE design, the Trigger has amazing versatility for kiteboarders of all styles and levels and is the weapon of choice of many great names in the industry such as Mark Shinn …

Now this isn’t it, the line up is not complete just yeat, we will see the release of a further 2 kites in early 2014.  The FatLady the almighty light wind kite will be in its 3rd generation and we will see another little surprise apear at the same time!

We really don’t know what it is yet but are supper excited and hopefully get to try it …

The FatLady continues to set the industry standard for wind harnessing and power delivery in the lightest of conditions!  Its amazing and anyone who hasn’t tried one we can’t stress enough how much of a session saver it can be.  Great for all levels of kitesurfers, it truly is the toy to have in the quiver for the light winds …

The 2nd Gen FatLady has been out for 1 year but is still riding strong and will remain current until March/April of 2014.  We look forward to seeing how this years model can be improved as its hard to improved perfection.

 2013 Blade Fat Lady - Kite

The Blade Uni control bar is going in to its 2nd generation and as all great things with age they get better!  Overall the design remains untouched but many technical features and details have been modified so as to address for finer things Blade felt where not as they wished them to be.


The Uni control bar had been carefully designed and engineered for over 2 years, but the innovation did not end with its début.  Over the past year, Blade have been busy improving the quality and performance of the system, bringing it to the next level.  The 2nd generation Uni bar has many added benefits from its predecessor. Some of these improvements are in material, some in design and some are in new parts, but all of them are to ensure a comfortable, safe and long lasting bar.

Lets not forget the fantastic board range!

It doesn’t get any higher spec than this.  Manufactured in the world renowned Elan Factory in Austria the quality just doesn’t get better.

We continue with a 2 board range, the 3rd generation Sanchez and the 4th generation Deuce.

Two fantastic examples of great board design, super choice of materials and extreme knowledge and ability of manufacturing.

Superb specimens of kitebaords.

For those seeking something for every session and to help you develop your skills further then meet the Blade Sanchez, it features a balanced design that includes a complete 3D moulded Paulownia Wood core, which delivers impressive performance through a controlled combination of flex, durability and lightweight characteristics. Easy Edge geometry means that the Sanchez offers plenty of pop to impress your friends, but with enough controlled flex to soften the landings so your knees don’t take a beating. Don’t complicate things with multiple boards to fit different conditions, the Sanchez will deliver what you need, when you need it.

Since some like to push the boundaries of performance the Blade Deuce is here to answer the call … Thanks to its innovative design, the Deuce offers freestyle and wakestyle riders the opportunity to head out for a session whatever the conditions are on the water. Don’t limit yourself to flat waters and avoid choppy conditions.  The Deuce is efficient on both. Blade worked with the manufactures and designers to construct this cutting edge board. Crafted from a custom designed mold, the board features a single concave down the middle to reduce drag and increase speed. This means a faster board capable of achieving more speed both in transit and before a jump, thus resulting in bigger and better tricks.  The board’s torsional stiffness coupled with the flexibility of the tips gives  riders the pop they’ve been looking for, while maintaining stability. If you’re looking for a powerful new school board that’s easy to handle, the Deuce is just for you.

We hope you are all as stoked us we are for the new season, it is setting up to be a cracker!

Kites should arrive within the next few weeks and if you are looking for a test run then get in contact so we can pencil you in for a session!


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  1. Blade kites are not very common in the US, but that opec-c design looks pretty sweet

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