2015 Mystic Kitesurf and Windsurf Harnesses

It’s that time of year again when all the new toys come out in time for christmas. Easily the most anticipated every year is the new Mystic kitesurf and windsurf harness range. Windsurf i hear many of you cry? Well this year mystic have adapted the spreader bar to be perfect to use for kitesurfing and windsurfing. Actually its so good why cant think why they didn’t do this years ago.

This year the new line up is full of some superb colours but most importantly its the technical details on Mystic Harnesses that really stand out. For a full run down please visit our website and read up on the individual products , but in the mean time here are some of our favourite features.

All harnesses now have 4 point fixation on the spreader bar meaning that it wont twist or ride up. All harness edges are now double lined with neoprene for even comfier and hard wearing edges. And get this one , the Majestic harness comes complete with memory foam padding so that it moulds to your own body shape. Just don’t lend it out.

You can find full details here – Mystic Kitesurf Harnesses 2015 Line Up

Mystic Majestic Harness

Also check out some more info in this vidoe shot by Kiteboarder magazine at The Surf Expo.


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