Amazing 2015 Blade Trigger Reviews out Now

The Blade Trigger has been the best selling kite at Kitesurf Warehouse for the past 4 years. Based on solid customer feedback , great magazine reviews and of course our direct buying model, saving you guys a few extra pounds this kite is becoming more and more popular every year. The reviews are now out for the 2015 Blade Trigger and we could not be more impressed by what the testers have said.

BKB15 Pics Trigger Leeshai2

IKSURF magazine testers stated “As soon as we hit the water we had an absolute blast on this kite” and “A slick Package with top build quality, excellent flying and fantastic fun”.

TKB testers said

“Fast turning, nimble kite that you can feel where the kite is without looking, easy relaunch with great power through turns and fun to carve with,” Mike Stephens.

“This kite boosted me to cloud 9, left me there for awhile to enjoy the view and brought me down to earth for a soft landing,” John Steimle.

“Kite immediately felt fast with quick pivot turns while very responsive to my inputs with plenty of depower available in a shorter throw,” Jason Kane.

Across the board so far the 2015 Blade trigger is getting rave reviews and we are excited to hear what our customers think of this kite.  Read the full reviews at

IKSURF Magazine

Check out prices and more info on our own website at

Blade Kites Trigger 2015 Kitesurfing Kite


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