2018 Blade Trigger Customer Review

We love the Blade Trigger and so do our customers. ¬†Here’s a review from Pete, an experienced Northern Ireland-based kitesurfer who has used many other brands previously and recently moved to Blade:

The Blade Trigger is a great kite for riders who like a fast, responsive and big boosting kite. The Trigger boosts huge when powered up and kite loops are smooth and fast. Hang time is also great. The Blade Trigger is really fast turning and a lot of fun to ride. It rockets up wind easily and is very user friendly.

The bar pressure is fairly light but you can always feel where the kite is. The Trigger works well for basic unhooked tricks but as I don’t do handle passes I can’t comment on that aspect of its performance.

Due to its speed and fast turning I have no doubt that the Trigger would work well in the waves. I have only ridden it in onshore conditions and it felt very capable for hitting up a the waves too.

So who is the Blade Trigger for? The vast majority of riders would be very happy on a Trigger, right from beginners to advanced riders who mainly ride hooked in. If you are focused on unhooked tricks or pure wave riding there are probably better suited kites but as an all round offering, you can’t go wrong with a Trigger.

Buy the Trigger here in our amazing Summer Discount Deal with prices as low as £539.

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