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2018 Blade Trigger Customer Review

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We love the Blade Trigger and so do our customers.  Here’s a review from Pete, an experienced Northern Ireland-based kitesurfer who has used many other brands previously and recently moved to Blade:

The Blade Trigger is a great kite for riders who like a fast, responsive and big boosting kite. The Trigger boosts huge when powered up and kite loops are smooth and fast. Hang time is also great. The Blade Trigger is really fast turning and a lot of fun to ride. It rockets up wind easily and is very user friendly.

The bar pressure is fairly light but you can always feel where the kite is. The Trigger works well for basic unhooked tricks but as I don’t do handle passes I can’t comment on that aspect of its performance.

Due to its speed and fast turning I have no doubt that the Trigger would work well in the waves. I have only ridden it in onshore conditions and it felt very capable for hitting up a the waves too.

So who is the Blade Trigger for? The vast majority of riders would be very happy on a Trigger, right from beginners to advanced riders who mainly ride hooked in. If you are focused on unhooked tricks or pure wave riding there are probably better suited kites but as an all round offering, you can’t go wrong with a Trigger.

Buy the Trigger here in our amazing Summer Discount Deal with prices as low as £539.


2017 Blade Trigger in South Africa

Posted in Uncategorized on July 7, 2017 by dbinit

Contrary to what our bank manager or partner may think, most of us kiteboarders can never have too many kites or kite-related bits of kit. A 14m for those really marginal days? Or maybe that slightly smaller board which you know loves big winds and heavy seas? Unfortunately, the restrictions placed by most airlines on hold luggage means that travelling with all that kite kit is going to cost. And so it was that despite our cheeriest smiles and friendly chat, the credit card had to make an additional appearance as we checked in for our flight to South Africa. But it was all in a good cause – putting our 2017 gear, as well as ourselves, to the test in the beautiful surroundings of Langebaan.

The 2017 Blade Trigger, is the 9th generation of this all-rounder. Previous editions of this kite have been hugely well received in terms of their ability to perform for all levels of kiter so it was time to put the latest edition through its paces. Langebaan produced the goods on a daily basis with winds ranging from marginal 12-14 knots right through to 30+ so we had the chance to test the 12, 9 and 7m Triggers, as well as spending some time on the Skinny Boy 6m and our wave boards.

But firstly the Trigger. Wow, was our first reaction. The kite instantly felt comfortable and controlled but with plenty of performance to get the adrenalin flowing. Getting great air was simple – hold that edge, send the kite and before you know it you’re in the lift heading to the top floor. We were really glad to see that Blade have maintained the previous generation’s ability to float – just keep the bar on the sweet spot and gently descend before timing the smoothest of landings with that final dive of the kite. All that extra time in the air was enough to practice all kinds of old-school trickery. The Trigger’s ability to make you want to have just one more run or one more jump before calling it a day meant we were busted by day 5 from all the amazing time on the water. Fortunately, the Langebaan winds didn’t tend to kick-in fully until around midday so there was time to have plenty of R&R and a leisurely breakfast before carrying all the gear to the beach to set up. And even the walk up the beach was eventful – I’ve never been stalked before but if it was going to happen then what better than a large sea lion just a few metres offshore following you up the beach. We saw these beautiful animals most days and the only downside was the thought that if there are sea lions around, then there are probably things that eat sea lions too…..but best not to dwell on that. And besides, with the Trigger there seemed to be a lot more time spent airborne over the water than on it. So there you have it – as well as all the other fantastic things it does, the 9th Generation Blade Trigger even reduces your risk of encountering a shark!

Of course we made time to try out Blade’s wave kite, the Skinny Boy which is now in it’s second generation. And again it didn’t disappoint, pivoting with a flick of the wrist, this kite is fantastic for allowing you to concentrate on the what you’re doing with your board and where you want it to be. I really love the Skinny Boy’s ability to drift, so if you get a move wrong and the lines go slack, it just drifts backwards and gives you time to sort yourself out rather than instantly falling out of the sky. We’ve used it in waves spots all over Ireland, the UK, and more exotic locations and it remains our go-to kite for anywhere there’s a bit of a swell running. The Skinny Boy’s massive de-power ability and friendly drift is why lots of beginners use it too but we also found that it can give you a pretty decent boost. We got some very impressive height from our Skinny Boy 6m. Incidentally, the Skinny Boy is also getting a great reputation as a foiling kite too, owing to the massive depower available. Check out the Shinn kiteboards videos to see the Skinny Boy and Trigger in action with none other than Mr Shinn himself!

After another few days on the water, we headed back to Cape Town. The forecast wasn’t too good for wind and so we climbed Table Mountain – and boy was it worth it. Spectacular is all I will say. Oh, and a surprisingly good restaurant at the top. A word of warning though – time your climb for the cooler parts of the day and, as it says on the signs, wear proper walking shoes; deck shoes and flip flops and starting at midday definitely made a tough but fantastic hike more unpleasant than it needed to be!

We also headed to the Cape of Good Hope to witness this wonderful part of the South African coastline. With a forecast for no wind, we drove there without our gear and spent a couple of hours doing the touristy trails, including the hike to the lighthouse. And then came the surprise – there are kites on the water! We headed straight to the beach at the Cape of Good Hope and stood there watching some beautiful waves roll in and a few happy 9m kiters at play. The frustration we felt made the lesson clear – whatever the forecast, never ever travel anywhere around the beautiful coastline of South Africa without every single piece of kitesurfing gear you’ve packed onto the aircraft. Excess baggage charge? Who cares when the conditions are that good. Lesson learnt.


Amazing 2015 Blade Trigger Reviews out Now

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The Blade Trigger has been the best selling kite at Kitesurf Warehouse for the past 4 years. Based on solid customer feedback , great magazine reviews and of course our direct buying model, saving you guys a few extra pounds this kite is becoming more and more popular every year. The reviews are now out for the 2015 Blade Trigger and we could not be more impressed by what the testers have said.

BKB15 Pics Trigger Leeshai2

IKSURF magazine testers stated “As soon as we hit the water we had an absolute blast on this kite” and “A slick Package with top build quality, excellent flying and fantastic fun”.

TKB testers said

“Fast turning, nimble kite that you can feel where the kite is without looking, easy relaunch with great power through turns and fun to carve with,” Mike Stephens.

“This kite boosted me to cloud 9, left me there for awhile to enjoy the view and brought me down to earth for a soft landing,” John Steimle.

“Kite immediately felt fast with quick pivot turns while very responsive to my inputs with plenty of depower available in a shorter throw,” Jason Kane.

Across the board so far the 2015 Blade trigger is getting rave reviews and we are excited to hear what our customers think of this kite.  Read the full reviews at

IKSURF Magazine

Check out prices and more info on our own website at

Blade Kites Trigger 2015 Kitesurfing Kite

2015 Mystic Kitesurf and Windsurf Harnesses

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It’s that time of year again when all the new toys come out in time for christmas. Easily the most anticipated every year is the new Mystic kitesurf and windsurf harness range. Windsurf i hear many of you cry? Well this year mystic have adapted the spreader bar to be perfect to use for kitesurfing and windsurfing. Actually its so good why cant think why they didn’t do this years ago.

This year the new line up is full of some superb colours but most importantly its the technical details on Mystic Harnesses that really stand out. For a full run down please visit our website and read up on the individual products , but in the mean time here are some of our favourite features.

All harnesses now have 4 point fixation on the spreader bar meaning that it wont twist or ride up. All harness edges are now double lined with neoprene for even comfier and hard wearing edges. And get this one , the Majestic harness comes complete with memory foam padding so that it moulds to your own body shape. Just don’t lend it out.

You can find full details here – Mystic Kitesurf Harnesses 2015 Line Up

Mystic Majestic Harness

Also check out some more info in this vidoe shot by Kiteboarder magazine at The Surf Expo.

Cubicam Waterproof 1080p and our Action Cam Tests.

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We really wanted to find a good waterproof action camera for you guys that would give excellent picture quality in a well made product with lots of accessories for water sports enthusiasts like us. With a few friends we spent a few months testing HD Action cams priced from £40 up to £300. We read all the reviews and feed back from users as well and what most people seemed to be saying is they would like a Go-pro because of the video quality and versatility but they wouldn’t spend £250-300 on it. The camera packages we tested were ones that came fully loaded with surf board accessories as a minimum and were as follows.

MUVI Atom NPNG – Best Price £89.00
GoPro Silver Surf Edition – Best Price £249.00
Garmin Virb – Best Price £249
Cubicam 2014 – Best Price £149
Polaroid XSP + Surf Mount- Best Price £59.00

Fast and Slow
After some dry tests based on fast and slow speeds we viewed all our footage on a 42″ 1080p LCD Samsung screen. It’s fair to say that everyone involved was disappointed with the Muvi and the Polaroid. The image quality was blurry with even slower movement and the colours were very dull.The Polaroid in-particular seemed to have no stability control at all. We also preferred the wider angle shooting of the other 3 cameras. Pretty quickly we were able to exclude the Polaroid and Muvi from our tests.
The best image quality at low speed were the Cubicam and the GoPro silver which i would say were on par at 1080p. The Virb was not far behind though but the colours looked a little duller and slightly blurry. Once we cranked up the accelerator in our test car (An aston martin V8 BTW) we found that the Gopro handled speed well with the clearest moving images but as it only shoots at 30fps in 1080p it did get blurry at higher speeds although it was the best when we went seriously fast. The Cubicam was not far behind at all with similar bright images but a little more motion blur. The Garmin give a little more motion blur than the Cubi and again had that less vibrant image quality. The Gopro, Cubicam and and Virb all only shoot at 30fps in 1080p so we tried some at speed again and this time switched to 720p where the remaining 3 action cams can all shoot at 60fps (that’s 60 frames per second if you are not yet tech savvy). Again the Gopro had the edge but the Cubicam was very close when scrutinised on our big screen. The Garmin Virb again just not so nice in terms of bright sharp colours.

In the Surf
In the water the story was much the same. All 3 remaining cameras were great truth be told. It was a bight sunny day and image quality from our surf board was excellent on all 3. In changing brightness levels all cameras performed well. With faster moving images the Go-pro was sharpest, with the cubicam second but even the Virb was good. The bright sunlight definitely brings out the best in all 3 cameras.

Low Light
In low light conditions surprisingly the Go-pro met its match here with the Cubicam coming out top and the GoPro silver second and the Virb was third again. All shots were a little grainy as the cameras iso levels changed to allow for low light , but the cubicams image was definately the best in this category.

All the 3 remaining cameras come with a standard tripod adapter so will fit more regular cam accessories. The gopro does have some extra accessories available that will not work with the Virb becasue of its shape, however the cubicam being of very similar shape to the Go-Pro fitted all of its accessories. It also has a range of accessories on its own including surf , bike , chest, helmet mounts and more that were all signifigantly cheaper than the Gopro ones.

On the devices themselves the Gopro was the out right loser here. Its liquid crystal screen is much trickier to navigate than both the cubicam and the Garmins LCD colour Screens. We preferred the Cubicam only just because of the added remote control. How ever it should be noted the Gopro’s remote was very nice. It’s just a pity it doesnt have an LC screen. They are really useful for playback while shooting or even just getting your camera angle right.

Unique Features
For the Garmin , although its is lacking just a little compared to the other 2 in image quality it has GPS tracking which is its big selling point. But to be honest we felt that this can be acheived by some many cheaper devices and apps nowadays it was no longer a draw to many people.
For the Gopro , we liked the wifi connectivity and i-phone app letting you control it from up to 600ft.
On the Cubi , really there was no one outstanding feature on it that’s not available else where. THey seem to be going fo a No gimmick approach concentrating on build quality, great images and price. We like this way of thinking.

Despite having no unique features the Cubicam was our overall favourite. It does everything very well no matter the conditions. It even upstages the expensive Gopro in a few areas and for the price we felt it is a worthy winner. Choose it if you want a great all rounder that wont break you bank account.
Second for us was the Gopro. Over all it had the best picture quality but accessories are expensive and it is quite fiddly to use at times. The lack of LCD screen though was our deal breaker.
3rd was the Garmin Virb. Image quality is fine , but not up to the standard of Cubicam or Go Pro. The GPS is good but that is the only reason for choosing this action cam.
4th was the Muvi. Its out there at some good prices now but for not much more you can have a lot better image quality.
5th was the Polaroid XSP. Most phones will give better image quality and its not worth your cash we thought.

We chose to stock the Cubicam based on our tests and you can see all the specs and info at Cubicam HD Waterproof Action Camera .

Here is a sample of some surf board testing on the cubicam. Set it to 720p and enjoy.

Kitesurf Warehouse are now the Official Gin Kites UK and Ireland Shop.

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Gin Kites have been around since the early days of kitesurfing and now we are really pleased to be representing them in the UK and Ireland. These kites are made with an attention to detail that only the Swiss can do. Maybe it’s something to do with all those expensive Swiss watches they make. We have done some bulk buying to get these normally expensive kites down to some very tasty prices indeed. So do feel free to wet your appetites buy browsing the new Gin Kites section on our website.

We have also put together some great kitesurfing packages for you guys to offer up some even better value.  As always , if you have any questions just drop us a line or send and email.

Good winds to all of you.





Nobile Kiteboards Are Here and at Amazing Prices

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Currently in the UK and en-route to our Northern Ireland warehouse is a big delivery from Nobile Kiteboards. It comes at an awful time as we have just had a huge kite surf board delivery from Blade and from Crazyfly. We really do not need more boards right now. But it is Nobile and we really like their kit and just could not say no. So in usual kitesurf warehouse style everything came straight from the factory in Europe to us in one big bulk shipment to save on costs and we pass those big savings onto you. And they are even bigger than usual this time as we need to shift these bad boys fast. Already the 50 Fifty regular has sold out , but we still have the wake version which is fantastic.  Sorry if you had your eye on it.

So don’t hang around too long. When these Nobile Kiteboards are gone that will be it..