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The Kitesurf Directory Project

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We have just launched our Kitesurfing Directory Project. It is basically a global list with links of Shops, Brands, Forums and resources aimed directly at kitesurfing. The idea is simple , we have wrote it specifically optimised for search engines to find this directory so those listed will receive a good healthy link from the site resulting in brownie points with google, and some click backs for their resource. The Project is in the very early stages and has just went online. It is open to any kitesurf website or blog that we feel will benefit readers without prejudice. There are quite a few links submitted already and we will be working through them over the weekends , and putting up the listings. In return , we ask for a link back to our shop’s website. (thats our little prize for our efforts). Some of you who may benefit from a listing on the site , may not wish to place links to our own shops website , (conflict of interest reasons) , but we are just as happy with a link to the Directory but this must come from another site. Ie , If we are linking to your shop or brand, you must use a different website or even a blog (kitesurf related) to link back to us. You cannot use the site we are linking too. The resource is not fully functional for readers yet , but we hope that it will be useful to all. Please follow this link to register.

Many thanks for your support in building this resource.


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Our first test of the 09 Griffins

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Well they finally arrived with us, and anyone who had pe-ordered theirs should have them about now.

We had read all the Manufacturers info and a few dealer reviews and they all said one thing. These are by a long way the best kite  Griffin Kiteboarding (formerly Monkey Kites) have ever produced. On paper , the specs are impressive for such a well priced kite. Structured sail panel layouts, one pump, teijin fabric, ronstan hardware, Clam cleat Aluminium depower system, moulded load spreaders, triple stitched and glued everywhere, mark cloths at the main stress points, etc. …Absolutely nothing skimped upon and nothing left out. All in all on paper , its a lot of kite for a lot less than any other 2009 kite on the market. Especially the way the sterling is going , kites are getting more and more expensive. Yet a 12m kite is only £469 and most of this is simply due to the fact that we purchase the kites in bulk direct from the factory floor, save on distributor mark ups and transportation . But the question is, regardless of specs on paper or how the kite arrived in the UK, and the most important question…. how does it fly?

Its difficult to wade thought brand hype. You wont find any brand launching a new product that is not hyping it to be the very best kite they ever made, so when griffin Kiteboarding told me this I can’t say that it got me excited. Sure a few tweaks here and there, and some nice new graphics and hey presto. Another new kite churned out with a 2009 badge beside it.

The first clue was in the pics. Yes the graphics where in my opinion, fantastic. But the shape was very different from previous griffin models. And i only really got to see this once i had the kite in the flesh , and thus, a previous statement that I made about this kite being just a  modified version on previous models was incorrect. This is completely new kite. Previous kites where designed by MIT Graduate , and Head of the notorious Zero Prestige kite project, Saul griffith. One very smart guy who really thinks outside the box.  He came up with Griffins innovative no middle strut, a performancing enhancing development which has since been adopted by other bigger brands such as north, airussh takoon and now i belive the 2009 Flexifoil hadlow pro. Simply put it reduces the kites’ weight at the centre and makes the most effective area of the sail , “the centre” , even more effective.  Producing more grunt , more low end and more power when the kite is flying through the window. 

Some clues to how different the 09 kite would be, first emerged when a new designer was announced. Christian Van der Plaat, an IKO qualified Kite Instructor and President of the New South Wales Kite Boarding Association ( and one of the first kite surfers in Sydney.

The next reports on the kite came from Namibia at the Luderitz Speed sailing challenge. Griffin rider Sylvain Hoceini took the new 2009 kites to this prestigious event , which attempted to break the 50knots Barrier in sailing for the first time ever. Sylvain set a new personal best here (smashing his previous PB) , and also managed to finish 4th overall against the worlds top speed sailors. He maxed out at 53.8knots and is now the fourth fastest man on the water and one of very few to pass 50knots. Not bad at all for the griffins first outing.

So now I am getting excited. New shape , new designer and proven top level performance. So the maiden voyage was set at Tyrella beach Northern Ireland. First day out and the winds where really up and down. One minute it was reading 12knots and the next jumped to 20knots for a few minutes then down to 13knots. the forecast was for 25+knots , and there was a lot of low black cloud around. I had a choice between the 7m or 12m. I went for the 7m , simply because the weather was so unpredictable that day , i would rather be under powered than hospitalised. First Impressions where very good, and that was just the bag. A well thought out courier style bag , with funky cover print in a heavy sack with ruck sack shoulder straps. Inside reveals 6 secure velcro pockets for all your spares and little pieces. Also a neat bar compartment inside the bag, which is another nice touch.

I took some photo’s before heading out , but apologies as i used a camera phone so the quality is poor. I will get them replaced though.




A handy well thought out design that is much more impressive in the flesh than in my poor camera-phone pics.  Next was the kite. The new one pump system is a good as you would see on any LEI kite. Supple connectors , protected by neoprene covers , and a handy clip sytem to isolate the struts. I could have sworn i had seen the very same system and identical parts on more than few other much more expensive kites.

As for the kites build, i have already banged on about this , but you will struggle greatly to find anything of lesser quality on this kite compared to its more expensive rivals. The only thing of note is the the lack of moulded neoprene scuff guards. Griffin use a lighter weight rubber type material, which they explain is just as tough and does not retain water , making the kite lighter thus improving on performance. I must say that it does not look as attractive as a moulded scuff guard , but certainly looks up to the job and if it improves performance, then it gets my vote.




So kite up ,and a quick play around with the bar (which was the 53cm , and not the correct 45cm for this kite). Once i hit the water, the first thing i noticed is that the larger 53cm bar needs a bit of depower, to fly perfect on the 7m. I was prepared for this though, as griffin told me that the smaller kites are set up to use out of the bag on the 45cm bars , with only minimal trimming required. Where as the larger 53cm bar was for the 10.5m-14m kites. A bit of depower on and the kite was behaing nicely. Most of the kites out where 7-10m , with the larger sizes getting the most of the conditions.  I was definately under powered , but so where 2 other 7m Kites on the water. To be honest i felt that the other 7m kites had a little extra on me in the lulls, so i changed from my 127cm skywalker board, up to a bigger 135cm to give me a little extra. Back out and problem solved. Tons of low end, but the gusty wind was not playing fair. A few tacks later and most riders myself included (even those on bigger 8-9m kites) are having to walk upwind. Pants.  Not a great day for testing new kites. At least i know that the low end is good enough for any 2009 kite. When trying to hold a line the wind was really dropping again and again. The kite kept floating back in the window due to the low winds, but it showed no signs of wanting to drop or do anything unexpected. It just sat there taking little more effort than a push forward on the bar to keep it in the air despite the conditions.  So it’s definately very easy to handle , as any kite aimed at the beginner to intermediate market should be. The bridle i was using was the Standard one , but there is an upgrade being released , which will be aimed at the pro riders and wakestylers. Where-as the stanard bridal is gonna suit the riders who do a bit of everything , and like being able to depower a kite spilling almost all power easily. This is just a matter of letting go. 

When the wind eventually picked up it provided 30 minutes of 20-25knots which is perfect for this kite , having a huge sweet spot of 20-35knots, and even up to 45knots for the more experienced rider. Turning was super smooth on standard settings. But this can be changed to allow more or less bar feedback, with a simple adjustment. Personally i found the standard settings spot on. A bit of bar pressure so you know here the kite is at all times, but light enough to let anyone ride for hours without having to bring spare arms to the beach. Pull in the bar and this kite has a lot of grunt , which can be easily spilled off just by pushing forward on the bar. Good for getting you out of danger when you find yourself going too fast , or sending the kite into the power zone unexpectedly. The new griffin powers upwind and boosts well. I managed a quite few jumps much higher than my normal attempts, which right now i must admit are pretty lame due to serious lack of water time this year. But with minimal commitment i could score some good floaty jumps.

I will need a bit more time on this kite , and some nicer winds winds , but it certainly has performed very well indeed in the gusty irish winds for me. Stable , Predictable , Good floaty jumps , simple bar interface , Top end build quality.

It has left me wondering , how some kites are just so expensive. This kite is undoubtably built as well as any other kite on the market and the performance and characteristics are exactly right for the riders who will be using this kite. If the wake stlye bridle performs as well for demanding pro riders as the regular bridle does for intermediate riders, we will have one of the best kites ever developed right here. The regular bridal set up gives out performance that is as good if not better than some of the most popular intermediate kites on the market. With one exception. It simply does it for much less money. Simple as that. Nothing is missing except a heavey price tag.

Now when the New Pro bridle arrives , if it can satisfy the demanding and no doubt skeptical pro rider , then you simply have something amazing. A kite which has no comprimise performance that is as good for pro riders as it is for the beginner to intermediate. As soon as the pro bridle arrives we will be giving the kite to a few unsponsored and unbiased competition level riders , who will no doubt test the kite capabilities to the max.

Right now its safe to say, there is nothing on the market for Beginner or Intermediate kiters as good as this kite that is even close to the price. Griffin say that the pro riders wont be disapointed, and this time before even trying the Pro Bridle I have to admit i’m a little excited.


 A good time to mention , we have completely sold out of our first batch of 5m & 7m and 9ms and every other size is low. But worry not. We have more on order due in very very soon.

To order or for more details on this excellent little kite visit us at


Pretentious kiters need not apply

2009 Griffin Kite First reviews and More pics

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The 2009 griffns have arrived… in Puerto Rico… And France , but not yet for us. Our order is currently held up in Gatwick airport , with the promise of a delivery on 8th of November. Quite a few of you have placed pre-orders , on faith or previous experience alone. After all Griffin have told us these kites are the best they have ever made , but I am yet to see any kite manufacturer exclaim at the launch of their latest efforts , that it not as good as previous models. And such is the hype that surrounds kitesurfing products. Any one remember how good the best hell fish was, before it launched. Of course when customers got their hands on the so called kite of all kites , it was a very different story.

Reviewers reported the thin leading edges just folding in half during flight , and relaunch in waves was reportedly impossible. Then came kites falling apart at the seams and it gets worse from there. Thankfully best recalled the kite not too long after release , never to be heard from again.

A lesson learned , don’t believe the hype. As a retailer of certain brands , we publish the material sent to us from manufacturers before a product has been launched , but always like to add in our view that this is manufacturers blurb. Of course once we have tested a product it then becomes much easier to review or pass comment.  For example it is not uncommon for forums and competitors to comment that griffin kites are no good , after never having even seen one. It’s a simple assumption made , because they are inexpensive. You get what you pay for… But we know that this just isn’t true. In a technical sport , many wanna-be experts will put 2 + 2 together and come up with 5. “This kite is the most expensive , therefore it is the best” , or “this kite is the latest model therefore it is better than its predecessor”.

The simple fact is , kitesurfing equipment is so hyped up it is almost impossible to wade through all the hype and marketing talk to find out what a kite is really like. i prefer to lsiten to what real riders who actually own the equipment say, and nothing beats a demo.

Which leads me to some promised reviews , from which you can draw your own conclusions. The first is from the Puerto Rican distributor who is clearly stoked about his new kites, but I dont thinks he would say too much against them either. But the rest of the comments are from those who tried the kite or just looked at the build quality.

Hi everyone,
I just received brand spanking new Griffins and have spent the whole week testing them, they are really the fastest most smooth-flying kites I have ever flown!!


-Bar feeling: The bar pressure is perfect for my taste. The feeling is super direct with no delays. It keeps the same bar pressure all the way in the windrange and even when pushing the bar away and depowering the kite significantly the kite still responds and turns how you want it. This made it perfect for waveriding! I could put myself just where I wanted in the way to make that perfect drop and still have good control and feedback. The kite is very predictable and doesn’t make any weird stuff in the air.

Spent most of my time in the 9m. In 14-21 knots. Using a 6.1 surfboard and a 136 Recoil with bindings. I weight around 73kg or 155 pounds.

The kites have seen such a great improvement from last years, the guys at Griffin sure put a lot of thinking and testing with them. They have made a superb kite, with what I believe unmatched flying characteristics when compared to other kites in the market.

-Turning: Awesome clean loops and turns with no flapping. I believe this has to be the most smoothest and fastest turning kite in the market right now. Unhooked loops felt so nice, almost easy, the kite recovers super fast and gives you nice smooth and fast landing. I like to loop with the kite lower at around 45 angle, just because I think they look much better, and they felt so nice and powerful, no twitchy power at all, everything very smooth throughout the whole turn.

-Range: The kite has a very nice windrange, I havent had the chance( or wind! ) to test the top end but its low end is very impressive. I would have to give this to the smooth turning of the kite. Moving the kite is super efficient I think mainly because of the smooth turning of the kite. One good dive I was up and planing early. Upwind is also very nice.

-Wake: I tried the kite for some wakestyle (a la scoop) kite low and powered and the kite works very nice, once unhooked it has lots of grunt and still keeps that direct smooth turning. Loves the way it handle and the pop and stop I got, but personally I prefer the way C kites work. For those like me Griffin is testing a wakestyle bridle to make the kite perfect for us that want THE perfect SLE wake kite, the bridle will make the arc much more C and offer the ease of unhooking with no trimming needed C kites have. Im personally giving input to Christian, the designer, he’ll be sure to release a great wake performance kite for powered, unhooked riding. The bridle is really just to give the kite more ease of use when unhooking, the smooth turning and bar pressure is perfect as it is and I believe all will agree once they test the kites out. More info will be avaiable soon.

-The performance of the kites is just so good I cant believe they are priced this competitive. I don’t think I have found anything I didnt like about the kite. Everthing from the single point inflation systems to the way it behaves in the sky was perfect.

-Quality: Contruction wise the kite looks bomb! They have put so much attention to detail, it really says a lot about the quality. Multi panel layout, molded rubber bumpers in each bridle connection point, thin struts, compact and low drag bridle lines, quality bridles, kook proof connectors, fast-slow settings, bar pressure settings, single point inflation with neoprene covers, everything is top notch and still very light weight. I received a prototype fo the bar wich didnt have all the features of the 09 bar but still everything was very simple and clean. Could see some improvement in the chicken loop and release but they are working on a new pushaway that will be perfect for unhooking, so wont say much about the bar right now. Will post another review once I get ahold of the real 09 bar.

-I think this is the first kite in the market that offers two separate setting for bar pressure and turning speed. This is a huge plus for everyone and makes the kite perfect for a huge range of riders, types of riding and personal preferences.
I like strong bar pressure others dont, I like slow kites others want super fast kites. This kite fits every need and flies perfectly evry way you set it up, something that is very hard to accomplish.

The kites should be at all shops in no more than 2 weeks, be sure to try one before buying your next kite. Im sure you’ll love them. Great kite for those looking for a one kite quiver or a two kite quiver to kite pretty much all year long. Definitely THE kite for waveriding, boosting, freeriding, and course racing. And the perfect kite for hardcore wakestyle with the upcoming wake bridle.

Here are a couple pics of the kite in low wind! Next Ill post more action pics on bindings but I need more wind!

So , its a bit over the top , but he does seem genuinely impressed which is good. Now a few comments from the guys who are not trying to sell them.

 too had the honour of checking ou the new griffins with christian at the beach 3 days ago and im too very impressed with what i saw. I didn’t get to have a fly regretably due to the lack off wind and time but i did get to have a good look over the kites. From what i saw of the people who did get to test the griffins,, they are very powerfull and jump like a dream

Very good looking kites indeed. and the construction seems imaculate. I should also add that the 09 Griffin kites have a new bar. Very clean setup in a spiffy black and white . With kite prices going through the roof these days the griffin is also extreamly affordable.


I had a go on the grifin yesterday in 25 gusting 35 knot winds. I was riding the 9 metre. I was quite impressed with the way it flew. Easy to use in gusty wellington weather. Only thing wrong for me was the turning speed was little on slow side. Probable something you would get used to with time. Im told the new bridle will speed things up abit. Keen to try again when he has the new bridal on.I am a takoon furia rider, so used to faster kits. Dollar for dollar these kites are bargains.Anyone able to review the nano and griffin .. Nano is an impressive kite to. I have a 08 6metre nono, what a rocketship, unfortunately broke my ankle on it yesterday playing silly buggars to close to shore .Cheers Steve
More ….

I tried the 9m in very light wind, when everyone else was flying 11’s, 12’s and even a 16m. Very good low end, easy to fly, steady & super fast relaunch. Very nice graphics and awesome bar!!

And thats it…

I believe these comment to be genuine and they can be tracked at

For us….well we are very excited to get them on the water, but we are doing our best to step back from the marketing hype. Lets not forget these are cheap kites at £619 for a 12m complete compared to the £900+ of most , so as long as they are stable with good wind range, Relaunch well , Have good build and will launch you hig into the sky then float back down ,they are good value no matter how you look at it. But if they are really as good as i keep hearing, then they could well be leaving a few kite owners wondering why they shelled out £980 on a new kite.

For a full list of features , pics and prices visit







A beginners Guide to Kitesurfing Part 2

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If you haven’t yet read part 1 , now would be a good time to skip back. In this section, we have provided some resources that newbies may find useful.

As mentioned in part 1 a list of qualified instructors can be found on  – IKO Instructors – BKSA Instructors

At Kitesurf Warehouse, we strongly recommend using a qualified instructor. Kitesurfing is a dangerous sport and you need to know what to do when you get into trouble, and believe me that time will come. If you are being dragged out to sea and can’t get to your board , or the wind has picked up and is too much for you, now isn’t really the best time to try and figure out what to do. However,you will not be phased by these challenges and most others, if you have completed a recognised kitesurfing course. At the very worst if you can’t get lessons , make sure you are being taught by an experienced kitesurfer. Teaching yourself is just not an option, no matter what your previous experience is. I have witnessed experienced watermen, windsurfers and land boarders all take a beating from flying a kite.

So you have done the lessons, but need to hook up with a few kitesurfers in your local area. Kiting alone can be dangerous. The UK and Ireland kitesurfing scenes have 4 main Kitesurfing forums , where you can get the all the latest news on what’s going on. They are as up to date as you can get, and have various sections that will be useful to anyone just starting out. And the best bit is , if you can’t find the information you are looking for , just register on the forum and ask it yourself. Its all free.

The main UK forums are and .

For Northern Ireland kitesurfing check out and for Ireland check out .

A valuable addition to lessons is an instructional DVD. Progession do a great range of DVD’s suitable for beginners and some more advanced ones once you start your first tricks. You can find them at this link –Progression Kitesurfing DVD


Next you are going to need to know what the wind is doing on your local beach. The most popular sites are – Live wind reading for the UK and Ireland , also with a 5 day forecast and illustrative graphics. – A great resource to get wind forecasts for almost anywhere in the world. Especially useful if you are planning a trip abroad.

Once you are up and riding you will find that there are quite a few different types and styles of kitesurfing from Wakestyle (powered wake boarding style moves) to old school freestyle ( big airs with board offs and deadmans) to wave riding surf style moves in swell.

You can check the website for updates on surf conditions in your area.

Finally you are gonna need some kites and a kiteboard and a few other bits and pieces. I would have to reccommend our own little uk and ireland kitesurfing shop for that. Advice is free , so even if you are not buying from us, we still love promoting our sport as safely as we can , so please feel free to ask us any question that you are not sure about.

Best of luck and we hope you enjoy the sport as much as we do.

A beginners Guide to Kitesurfing part 1

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Kitesurfing is an amazing sport , that can take over your life after your first tack upwind. Many new comers have seen it time and time again on their local beach or on TV and start out with a quick visit to e-bay for some cheap kit and then rush down to the beach to try out their new toys.  Many of these people will not end up as kitesurfers. One thing that is not obvious to many who want to start the sport is the vast amount of information that you must be familiar with before even putting a Kitesurfing kite in the air. Hopefully we can clear a lot of this up right now for those of you interested in the sport.

Back in 1995,  I first witnessed power kites being flown at our local beach. I was immediately aware of the power in one of these land kites, and one guy was using it to drag himself up and down the beach. It looked like great fun , so i bought myself a 1.8m Foil kite (a flexifoil stacker which was big in those days) , and proceeded to launch and fly it with out any tuition what so ever. After about 5 minutes of crashing it into the ground i pretty much had this kite figured out. In no time at all i was dragging myself up and down the beach and even getting a few small jumps.  I messed about with my kite every so often in the summer and even got into a bit of team Delta kite flying which involved 2 – 8 kiters each looping stunt kites around each other  other in a kind of aerobatic display with kites.  By 2000 , it was safe to say i was a pretty good kite flyer.

I was a pretty good team stunt kite flyer before attempting kitesurfing

In the spring of 2002 , i hadn’t bothered that much with kites lately , until i noticed a picture of some guy riding a surfboard , being pulled along by a kite. There where a few pictures of him jumping 20ft into the air, and this really looked exciting to me. Within a few days i had found a local sports shop who sold equipment for kitesurfing. When i visited them, the guys told me that the sport was pretty new and that they didn’t really know to much about it. I explained that i had been flying kites for 6 years , and it would be no problem. Just give me a kite, a board , and a wetsuit. They explained that a harness will be required also. £1400 later … and i was kitted out. This was gonna be so good…

Robby Naish - the early days. This was one of the images that made me want to start kitesurfing

I immediately took my equipment to the beach and i was filled with some serious excitement. The kite was a 12m North Rhino and a 148cm light wave board. The kite was much bigger than i had flown before , but seemed pretty straight forward. The wind was blowing a very poor 7knots , but after a quick read of how to set up, and a very quick dismissal of the warnings, i had the kite set up and ready for flight. All the kites i had flown in the past had warnings, and this was just the same thing except bigger so i was pretty confident i could handle it. I suppose now is a good time to mention i was also wearing my wetsuit and had my board right beside me. After all, by the end of today , i was gonna be kitesurfing, or so i thought.

I attempted to launch the kite the best way i know how for light winds. Right in the centre of the wind window. (IE the wind on my back and the kite straight in front of me. ) Within about 0.25 of a second i had hit the sand hard. Lucky for me there were no rocks in the way or i would have been sore. I regained control and with a bit more caution , proceeded to steer the kite left and right. I was getting the hang of it pretty much and found it quite easy, thanks to my previous years of experience. The wind was still only blowing a poor 7 knots , but the power in this kite was incredible for such light winds.  Then just as i was getting comfortable the kite fell out of the sky. I had absolutely no control of it and just watched as it hit the deck giving me a hard pull on the way. With no one about to help the kite was upside down, and i had no idea how to get it back in the air again. It started to come to me that this was more difficult than i had first thought. After a bit of messing about the kite looked like it might just take off. the wind had picked up by a few knots , and i was teasing the kite into a launch position.  Just as i was about to brace for relaunch the kite took off and went straight up, dragging me kicking and screaming behind it. It lifted me into the air , and dropped me down on the sand with a thud. I was being dragged fast towards a wall and the kite was completely out of control. The kite slammed hard into the ground and i got back to my feet, only to be slammed into the ground again . I was fast running out of beach , and just couldn’t seem to gain control of the kite. Luckily for me the kite crashed down into a heavey thicket, and was quickly deflated by about 30 thorns that pierced the bladder. Well i guess that sorted out the landing issues.

Everyone should know and understand the wind window before attempting to fly any kite

Everyone should know and understand the wind window before attempting to fly any kite

I had learnt a very valuable lesson the hard way that day. Kitesurfing kites are very dangerous , and even more so in the hands of over confident amateurs who don’t know the dangers. They have very few similarities with small 1-2m foil kites and are much much more dangerous. Luckily i escaped with a few bruises and a badly damaged kite. It could have been a lot worse.

I did a little bit of research and found a local instructor , who taught kitesurfing most weekends not far from me. As it was such a new sport , he was the only one in the country at the time, but now there are quite a few. I learned about many of the dangers of the sport, some of which didn’t even involve the kite. We where taught how judge the right kite size for different conditions, how to launch and land safely , what to do in different emergency situations, how to retrieve our boards when you lose them in the water and the kite is pulling you in the wrong direction, and a whole bunch of other stuff that i just could not have taught my self. It needed some one to show us because there are just to many things that can go wrong. Flying the kite is one thing , but if the kite drops down in the water when you are 1/4 mile out to sea and dragging you away from the bay , you need to know what to do right away. Now is not the time for trial and error. There a lot of situations a kitesurfer may find themselves in , and you must know how to react to them quickly. If not if could prove fatal.

Would you know how to re-launch this?

Would you know how to re-launch this?

After some lessons, our instructor put us in touch with some local kitesurfers who where very helpful. I still had a long way to go, but many of the local lads helped me out and a few weeks on i was kitesurfing . From then on it was just adrenaline wind filled addiction.

The mistakes i made, was the same mistake many newbies make. I thought i could teach myself. To a kitesurfer, this seems almost ludicrous, but when you know nothing about the sport it just seems the natural thing to do. So first and foremost get a few lessons. You can trash your instructors kite before trashing your own. You will get a feel for the sport and and chance to decide if it is for you before purchasing equipment. You will also get an idea of just how much there is to learn in this sport and some of the dangers associated with it. If your budget does not allow for an instructor , you need someone with experience to spend time with you and teach you the basics and emergency routines, but i would recommend professional tuition first and foremost. A list of professional instructors will be in part 2.

The next part of our beginners guide will concentrate on some useful resources that will help out anyone just starting or thinking about starting kitesurfing.

2009 Bang kiteboards – The Plasma 138cm

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Bang kiteboards have announced the first addition to their 2009 line up and it is looking rather pimp to say the least. The Bang Plasma 138cm, is expected to follow in the ever popular footsteps as the Bowmoq. Measuring in at 138 x39.5cm this board will undoubtably be popular with beginners to intermediate kiters , but with the current trend for bigger boards progressing to the more advanced riders it may even see a few of the more experienced riders putting it through its paces.

The Plasma is aimed at the all round market , but with the rounded outline and a rail built for twin tip carving , this will be a great board for waves as well as flat or choppy water.

We have 1 or 2 on order due to arrive in our stores late September , and judging by the graphics and Bang’s previous efforts alone we think these boards are gonna be popular.

The bang Plasma 138 2009

The bang Plasma 138 2009

The Back end - bang Plasma 2009

The Back end - bang Plasma 2009

Check out kitesurf warehouse’s bang kiteboard shop uk for current offerings and news of availability of the new boards.

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2009 Eclipse kite details released

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Some news and photos have been released on the 2009 Eclipse line up.

For the coming season Eclipse kitesurfers will have 3 weapons of choice for the water. The Thruster , The Kima and The Nano available form the end of September and the promise of a Snow kite later in the year. Here is what we know is solid so far and some close up pics.

Bridle load spreader detail

Bridle load spreader detail

Leading Edge Construction 2009 Eclipse

Leading Edge Construction 2009 Eclipse

Leading Edge Construction

Leading Edge Construction

2009 Bumper detail

2009 Bumper Edge Kima

The Eclipse Thruster 2009 – As in previous years , this will be the high performance competition kite but a bigger range of sizes will be available in 6-8-10-12-14-16m . Eclipse are promising even bigger air than before with increased hang time. Given this kites ability to catapult riders into huge air , and fantastic turning speeds we really cant wait to put this one to the test. Here are some previews of the colours , but i believe they are work in progress

Eclipse thruster 2009 line up - work in progress

Eclipse thruster 2009 line up - work in progress

Also here is a sneak at the thruster in action on the waves

First pic released of the 2009 thruster in test

First pic released of the 2009 thruster in test

The Eclipse Nano 2009 –The coming seasons Nano is all about adaptability. It is no longer the wave specific kite it was originally designed to be in 2007 , but now a well rounded kite to be used in all conditions. Waves, flat water , chop, snow , if you do it all this kite is designed to do it all with you.the nano has been redesigned from scratch and made into an all around kite for average kiters that are looking for and easy kite to fly and have fun. Expect huge wind ranges , as Eclipse have been testing the 9m and having fun in 18 knots yet it was able to handle over 40 knots (with Dimitri at the wheel). Expect superb stability floaty jumps with big air and uncomplicated flying.
It may be an all rounder , but when you still want to boost....

It may be an all rounder , but when you still want to boost....


Kite looping the 2009 nano during testing

Kite looping the 2009 nano during testing

Early testing pics Nano 2009

Early testing pics Nano 2009

 The Eclipse Kima 2009– The kima is a completely new kite for 2009. It is all about turning speed and stability. Its not big on boosting , but take it into waves and eclipse promise stunning wave specific performance like no other. It all comes from the grunt , depower ability, stability and fast turning speeds. the Kima could just be a wave riders wet dream.. Dimitri has commented saying “the KIMA is a SICK kite for wave use, this kite just allow you to focus on riding the wave and not flying the kite. Its hard to describe the KIMA is just always with you on the wave it can even fall behind you when wave ridding and stay in the air so it allows the user full freedom over the waves.”

Kima 2009 Colour line up

Kima 2009 Colour line up


 That’s all we have for now , but keep an eye on our kitesurrf warehouse’s kitesurfing kite shop for more news
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2009 Griffin Kiteboarding – Preview

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For 2009 Monkey kites have made a few major changes. The biggest of which is some rebranding, changing from “Monkey Kites” to “Griffin kiteboarding”. Being the Uk and Ireland represenative , I have mixed views on this , but as monkey kites have built their current reputation on the “Griffin” kite , and as this is their only kite i guess most people will still be able to find them. I have done a recent check of search words which brings uk and ireland kiters to our site , and searches for the Griffin far out number searches for Monkey kites , so may be it wont be too big a thing.

Anyway.. the kites, more importantly. Those of you who are already familiar with the “Griffin” will be pleased to hear a few things. Firstly , the 09 Griffin will remain the most competatively priced kite on the market. Here is everything else that i am aware of so far :The griffin kiteboarding 2009 kite colours

The 2009 comes in 5,7,9,10.5,12,14 and 16m.

20m + 5m line setup
Balanced Bar Feel with no pulleys
Excellent Power / Depower
Easy Adjust ‘punch out’ stopper ball
Supported Leading edge for maximum wind range, depower and safety
Hybrid Style design
Triple Stitch and double reinforced seams
Reinforced valves
Single Point Inflation
Monkey DNA – traceable ID / serial number
Tunable turning speed – to suit beginner or pro levels
Tunable power settings to accommodate a switch between wake or wave style
Molded rubber wear prevention patches where bridle attaches
Strut bumpers
Leading Edge Bumpers
Lateral Strut reinforcing
Strut to LE connection cushioning
Anti Tangle Strut Ends
Kook Proof connections
High performance, aquaphobic, double coated, light weight ripstop canopy
Durable, strong Dacron LE stuts and tips

New bar features
Shorter below the bar
Push away molded safety release
Self righing orientation of chicken loop for unhooked riding
Release Molding seats in bar when riding unhooked to provide rigidity
Kook Proof connections

The One pump is optional in some countries, but for the UK and ireland batch we have ordered all kites to come with it. It can be manually removed if required though.

Check out  2009 Griffin Kitesurfing kites for more details.

The 2009 Kitesurfing season is here.. already?

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Announcements are coming in left right and centre for 2009 kitesurfing kit. Despite the fact that most of us are still enjoying the 2008 season , it seems that equipment manufacturers are stumbling over each other to be first to release 2009 kites and boards , with some of it already hitting the market. Well try not to worry too much , because the good news is , we are discounting much of our current equipment to make way for the 09 kit that will be hitting the shelves in September.

You can check out discounted kites on kitesurf warehouse’s UK Kitesurfing Shop

and the boards on Kitesurf Warehousehouse’s UK KIteboards shop

We will be posting information on the new equipment from Griffin kiteboarding , Skywalker Kiteboards, Eclipse kites and Bang Kiteboards as it is announced.

For now here is a sneak peek at eclipse kites design for the 09 Eclipse Kima

The Eclipse Kima 2009

The Eclipse Kima 2009

Best of winds


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Hello world from Kitesurf Warehouse

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Kitesurf Warehouse was established in 2004 in Northern Ireland. After getting into kitesurfing in 2002 when 4 lines was a new thing on a kitesurf kite, and depower meant planting our back foot down,  all I wanted to do was kitesurf. Then 2 years of experience later came the bright idea of opening a kitesurfing shop. And now here we are. One of the major kitesurfing stores in the UK and Ireland. We have had over 3000 customers and a growing mailing list of kitesurfers interested in what we are doing ,so we though it was about time to open our blog.

We will be filling it with news of Product releases , trips and local info about what’s going on in the kitesurfing world in the Uk and ireland. We hope you find our blog a useful tool.

Check out our website to find out more about us and what we do at

Kitesurfing Equipment shop UK